Are Entrepreneurs Like Fighter Pilots?

I have recently been observing some folks that are resisting change… and isn’t it funny how the thing that we most WANT in life can elude us, until we give up the WANTING altogether? I am sure many people have done the same thing. As soon as they give up the NEED to have something […]

Green Disinfectant

Strong acidic water, or hypochlorous acid water, has been government approved for sanitizing public cooking facilities for the past seven years in Japan. The Japanese people have embraced this technology wholeheartedly and water machines are in one of every five homes. It is used for a wide range of public facility and private home applications, […]

Lap Band Surgery

Pregnancy & Lap Band Surgery Pregnancy in severely obese women lead to many future complications and this is the reason that most of them are advised to shed those extra pounds before conception. It has been found that majority of pregnant women at the time of delivery face complications such as primary caesarian, preoperative morbidity […]