1. We Will Rock You-My Chemical Romance (Punk Goes Classic Rock 2)

By | March 13, 2014

PUNK GOES CLASSIC ROCK volume 2 Punk Goes Classic Rock 2 official playlist: http://bit.ly/PGClassicRock2 SONG: We Will Rock You-My Chemical Romance Originall…

25 thoughts on “1. We Will Rock You-My Chemical Romance (Punk Goes Classic Rock 2)

  1. ciaranlikessocks

    I don’t know what it is but I feel like this cover is a bit meh. Don’t get
    me wrong I love MCR and Queen to pieces but I just can’t really connect
    with this cover?

  2. Kathyrn Katashrophe

    I <3 Queen & My Chemical Romance so this just made my day.?

  3. Gary Eckart

    just to make it abundantly clear…. there is no real punk goes classic
    rock volume 2 available by Fearless Records according to their website. I
    like the thought put into this collection of songs but of course the first
    song is a live version which leads me to believe it’s not a real album
    so…. let the comments ensue (don’t believe me then look up the Fearless
    Records website or even their youtube page)?

  4. legogeek4000671

    Hey look a actual Punk Rock band making a Punk Cover not this Metalcore

  5. Hannah Brogan

    gerard’s voice is absolutely perfect for this song.?

  6. KaylaaAnn

    Seeing then perform this with Brian May at reading 2011 was the highlight
    of my life ?

  7. Lizzie Anne

    When Brian May stepped out onto that stage…..I just couldn’t control my
    emotions, I haven’t been the same since XD Fuck. ?

  8. Nikki Vanity

    gee sounds… kinda drunk when he says “brian FUCKING may!” lol <3

  9. jjcollinson

    I could care less who played the original this version sucks ass. Queen’s
    original was great but this is terrible.

  10. Back2Humans

    As a massive Queen fan, I have to say that Gerard has done this song
    justice. I was unsure as to how it would sound when I first clicked on
    this, but Gerard’s voice is magnificent. Freddie would be proud of him.


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