12th St. Police Shooting, Riot, & Protest- Little Rock, AR

By | April 19, 2014

On July 15, 2013, African Americans riot & protest in Little Rock, AR after police shoots an African American male. This happens just days after the Trayvon …

25 thoughts on “12th St. Police Shooting, Riot, & Protest- Little Rock, AR

  1. halofandude123Studio

    Good job on the police part for not using unnecessary force.?

  2. Cmore Funnie

    what as black folks need to protest is black on black crime……?

  3. steve parks

    Wait, a nig got shot?? HAHAHA he was probably on welfare and had the
    typical negro IQ of 85. Blacks are losers because blacks are dumb. IF you
    REALLY want to understand blacks and their total failure to have a single
    country, city or even a neighborhood that isn’t a ghetto please read
    shelly’s fun niqqer facts, chimpmania and niqqermania! Start with Shelly’s
    fun niqqer facts.?

  4. bossyty1

    LR racist sick minded devil species. This isn’t the first time smthng like
    this has happened. This occurs all the time out of prejudice, ignorance,
    and Hatred towards the black race. The state gov sends these puppies out to
    hunt mainly in the poor black communities. It’s best that those get
    North…Arkansas has a treat from nature real soon…..?

  5. Rebekah Griffin

    I’m not racist, I have many black friends and several mixed blood
    relatives…but the majority of the black people I see/know make a big deal
    out of things like this….I’m sorry but if a black person pulled a gun out
    on me or some other form of weapon, you best believe I’m gonna kill them
    before they kill me…same with a white person….most of the time they
    leave the facts out and just put the fact that they are black out there
    when it usually has nothing to do with it…I’m sorry but if black people
    do continue to blow things out of proportion, it’s your own damn faults for
    everyone being racist towards you…..?

  6. Kayla Wyatt

    Dats wasup much love to ya’ll my heart goes out to ya’ll take a stand

  7. Steve Carthron

    Steve Parks kill yo slf nigga im frm little rock u dnt hw it is dwn der we
    stand 4 wat we believe in n if we believe in whooping yo azz 4 ptin dis fuk
    azz comment on here we will believe in it dnt tawk shyt on YouTube fuk boi?

  8. DeMarquise Elkins

    Looks like the finest black ratchets and hoodrats came out to protest !! ?

  9. Trill Soldier

    @Steve Parks you steady saying blacks are dumb, this & that etc etc, But
    whos really ruining the world? yall create nukes, Yall brought Diseases to
    Africa & North America in blankets. You claiming land that wasn’t even
    yours to began with & bringing us over here with guns because you couldn’t
    handle physical combat, But we are the world problems? No. if you wana be
    technical, Yall do, Yall invented guns, But judge when WE use them but its
    justice when yall do….? & yall also ended many traditions… & stop
    posting cesare borgia as jesus. ?

  10. Candy Cane

    Gosh, so many black people in Arkansas. I would never go down south where
    there’s a huge black population. No thanks, I’m happy where I’m at.?

  11. josh rogers

    I live in Arkansas and I have no problem with black people, but there are
    too many In this part of little rock?

  12. Mike Cox

    Shut up and go eat some gizzards lol dumb uneducated idiots ?

  13. Vaiden Holmes

    I’m from lil rock and there has been several shootings like this recently
    where kids unarmed have been gunned down so that’s the reason for the large
    turn out. I know there are good cops out there somewhere but lately only
    the Criminals On Patrol have been out here it seems.?

  14. Rashaad Branch

    Da police wuz scared den mufuka dey al shouldve whooped dey police azz 4
    wat dey did 2 da lil bro?

  15. Myron Johnson


  16. MrFermin1234

    Hahaha who let those monkeys out of their cages because that’s how they
    look. At lease have some class Sam monkeys

  17. quaneisha bajoie

    really other races dont live like we live they dont get treated like we get
    treated they dont have to deal with what we have to deal with its always
    gon b racist towards blacks…. we make interracials so wit dat being said
    the devil is white with red eyes have fun in hell!!!

  18. Stephanie Vault

    RIL to Brother Deon Williams..Little Rock’s finest at its best. Moving out
    of this crocked ass state was the best thing we did?

  19. Rebekah Griffin

    Oh hey and look, there’s black people on the LRPD!!!!!!! Ironic? lol?

  20. Myron Johnson

    As usual nothing but “TRAILER TRASH” “TOBACCO CHEWING” “BAREFOOT &
    going to do nothing but hide behind social media with your shitty remarks.
    Lets meet somewhere then we will see how much mouthing off you
    country assholes do. ?

  21. TimeStampCopv4

    I didn’t know they were filming the sequel to “Rise of the Planet of the
    Apes” in Little Rock.?


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