1983 Punk Rock Series On KTTV Channel 11 – Pt. 1

By | March 18, 2014

1983 Punk Rock Series on KTTV Channel 11 News. 5-day look at the Punk Rock Movement from England to Los Angeles starting in the late 70’s. This is part 1 of …
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25 thoughts on “1983 Punk Rock Series On KTTV Channel 11 – Pt. 1

  1. Tobylifehater

    Remeniscent of the Watts Riots. LA cops and politicians never were that

  2. punkrockefeller

    those “punkers”, they sound like they were very dangerous!

  3. dphlip11b3v

    I was there. My friends and I had the shit beat out of us and then I was
    arrested. I remember seeing Wattie drinking a Budweiser . The cops were
    total dicks.

  4. TheNewMusicNetwork

    lol that’s the adolescents rik agnew on the cover. haha

  5. StopBohemianGrove

    Hey Suicidal was there too! The cops broke all the windows of the cars next
    to mine as the kids were just trying to leave, I took a bunch of people to
    the hospital, who’d been beat up by the Fucking pussy cops!

  6. cycotrucha

    @StopBohemianGrove ive talked to old school punk rockers that were there
    that night, that the chief police lied about guns being drawn. one of the
    old school punk rockers that were there that night told me that the police
    drawn there guns to him and his friends that night telling them to leave.
    fuck the cops!!

  7. omagine

    That’s Rikk Agnew on the tv screen behind the talking head

  8. Rolando Collazo

    Fucking dope!!! my only issue with this is punk rock started in
    AMERICA!!!!! late 60’s with the Velvet Undergound and MC5, to the early
    70’s with the New York Dolls, the Ramones, Television, Blondie, and Talking
    Heads. It’s a damn disgrace to punk rock to say the Sex Pistols started it.
    They are one of the worst bands to come out of England let alone to
    represent punk. Why not mention the Clash, The Damned, Generation X, Stiff
    Little Fingers, The Vibrators. I mean fuck the Sex Pistols.

  9. brandoncipelle

    Fire arms weren’t drawn . If you believe that i’ll give you 50 dollars .

  10. iandre

    I watched the HP cops smashing windows of local businesses to justify the
    Police Riot THEY started. They were beating up teenage girls because they
    are such paragons of manhood and American Class Warfare> Eat the Rich
    bitches ’cause Green Day is Soylent Music.

  11. ndogg20

    Pretty dam fair reporting. Instead of expoiting the scene and calling it
    just simply a punk riot, the reporter in not so many words shows it like it
    is ,scared kids running from overzelous cops.

  12. catastro

    I was at this riot. Not only were the the cops clubbing kids like baby
    seals, they were also running down the street smashing windows so that the
    damage reports would be more substantial. We would run away from the pigs,
    down side streets, and the local Cholo’s would toss bottles at us, forcing
    us back into the skirmish. On top of that, our ride got spooked and
    abandoned us (you know who you are) Ah, the good old days…only Youth
    Brigade and Aggression played, Exploited were running late. FLY

  13. Carl Nieves

    I was there too. I was thrown down the fuckin stair after getting clubbed
    across my back. The pigs had everyone trapped.There is no way they would
    let you leave. They pulled us out of the car. I kicked a cop and ran,
    separated from my friends. Then those cops found me and beat me in front of
    a church . The witnesses helped me and took me home.This was a set up
    revenge for what happened at SIR studios with TSOL..That night the cops got
    punked and I am sure they wanted revenge.

  14. PlastiqueEvel

    I was there that night dodgin rubber bullets and stun gun bean bags! Thank
    you Darryl Gates!

  15. Jeremy Sandeen

    The best comment from a cop… “get outta here Nigger, you are gonna die!”
    and the fact that they actually “aired Nigger” on ch. 11 news is awesome…
    thats how it was in 83’…


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