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Sweet Pick up Lines

Women love sweet pick up lines.  They will never go out of style because they make a woman feel special. The trick to the sweet pick up line is that you don’t come across too nice or too old-fashioned.  Modern women don’t go for a Prince Charming routine with some guy trying to lavish over-the-top complements.


Another trick for the sweet pick up line is to remember that after you deliver it, you must move from approach to attraction.  Otherwise she’ll view you as the nice guy she happened to run into or, worse yet, as a friend.

Here are some basic rules for using sweet pick up lines.  They’re very straightforward and easy to remember.


Be genuine.  No woman wants to feel like a target.  When approaching a woman with a sweet pick up line pay attention to what she’s doing.  For example:  You see a woman you want to meet in the fresh vegetable section of the grocery.  Casually go up and check on the vegetables near her, then say “Looks like you like to eat healthy.  What are you planning to make with that?”  After she answers you, then say, “Wow, that sound delicious.  I’ve been cooking healthy, but I seem to make the same thing all the time.  Got any ideas I could use?”  You’ve gotten her to talk with you in a relaxed way about a genuine topic of interest.


Make your voice relaxed, smooth and deep.  The tone of your voice can actually cause arousal in a woman.  When you speak in a relaxed manner, and keep your voice even and use deep tones, then she’ll know that you’re confident and not at all nervous about talking with her.


Remember to flirt.  Remember to flirt.  Remember to flirt.  Sweet pick up lines are great openers, but flirting will step up the attraction.


Connect with her in other areas of interest.  In the case of the girl at the grocery, go from healthy cooking to favorite restaurants to a favorite night spot and so on.


Move things to the next level and get out of the friend zone.  When you’re talking with her introduce yourself and get her name and number.  Then make sure to call her later that evening or the next day.



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