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Digging into 'The Christmas Attic': Trans-Siberian Orchestra introduces
“That is a very accurate description because you have the experience of the huge arena type visuals, you have the progressive elements in there and you have rock opera,” Wieland said. “It's the best of the best in every way, because the original …
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Celebrate Thanksgiving wine-country style
St. Innocent Winery: Treat your palate with their "Progressive Wine and Food Tasting," of six wines paired with tasty morsels cooked up to compliment the flavors and textures of each wines and sample from the barrels for a separate fee. Close to home …
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And the consensus album of 2014 (already) is . . .
RETRO/ACTIVE: It's been 43 years since Focus introduced prog-yodelling to the top 40 with “Hocus Pocus.” And while the song keeps finding a new life in everything from TV series to commercials to, most recently, this year's remake of RoboCop, the band …
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Concerts this week: Halestorm; Pierce the Veil; Yelawolf; Randy Houser; Shakey
$ 10 at the box office, (866) 468-3401 and Between his prog-rock band the Bloomsbury People, classical compositions, eccentric Christmas albums and collaborations with the Violent Femmes, Sigmund Snopek III is one of the most distinctive …
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Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland) 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Winner

We are already counting down to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. We do that by looking back to recent editions of Europe’s favorite TV show. This ti…

Fiend Dust (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal BAND) - Phantom Ship

This a Bad recorded DEMO just for you to hear a bit of our style!! Somos una banda de Colombia con 8 canciones propias en el momento, estamos proximos a grab…
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There is so much TV on tonight—so much
Here's what's up in the world of TV for Wednesday, September 24. All times are Eastern. Top pick. Key & Peele (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.): Key and Peele have been hanging around Fargo lately, so they haven't really been gone from our screens. But as …
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RIP Gerard Parkes, Doc from Fraggle Rock
In a statement to CBC News, Parkes' longtime agent, Gerry Jordan, said he would “love” being most remembered for his role on Fraggle Rock. “He had a thrill doing that show,” Jordon said. “We got loads of fan mail from kids and adults around the world.
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Calendar Dates

When one wants to know the date, one only has to look at a calendar. Many look at a calendar but only a few really see it. There are a lot of things that have to be taken into account. A calendar is so much more than just a piece of paper that hangs on the walls and holds the dates. Even though telling of the date is important it is also significant to note that card making for the calendar 2011. A calendar is so much more than just a piece of paper or just a piece of cardboard. It is a compendium of art, design and detail, so much more than people give it credit for.

What to prepare for

When card making a calendar 2011, there are quite a few things to prepare for. The theme is one of the most important things to think about when creating the calendar 2011.  A theme sets the concept of everything and the design and art follows the theme throughout the production process. A calendar 2011 is also created by putting art, design and function together. It must still serve its purpose for telling the date to be called a calendar and one cannot simply go wild with artistic license ad this calendar still has to serve its purpose as a calendar 2011.

The creation process itself

The creation process also known as card making should enter quite a few stages before reaching the printing press. The design should be created and if there are any production requirements like photo shoots, they should be properly planned and done ahead of time. Not all material from the photo shoot is going to make it into the final calendar itself, more often than not it is 5% of material that makes its way into the final design. The card making process also includes processes like editing and graphic enhancement as no picture can always be perfect every time.

Form and design

One other important aspect of the card making process would be the design and form of the fonts being used. A calendar should always contain the dates and the numbers that are to be written must still serve their purpose. This must also adhere to the overall theme of the calendar itself and it also must be able to blend with the overall art within the calendar. This overall should account for a create a fully functional work of art and should not be ignored by all who gaze upon it.

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No more 'Mr. Mom:' Research shows the importance of dads

No more 'Mr. Mom:' Research shows the importance of dads
Sometimes it's OK to be spontaneous and funny.” Hilling's wife, however, never got … The joking at mealtime is one example of how dads parent differently than moms, says Hilling, an involved father advocate for 22 years and the author of a book …
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'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Portrays the Deity as a Boy
12, preserves the awful severity of the Old Testament God — one who commands and demands — and does it all within the persona of a willful child. Mr. Scott uses an 11-year-old British actor, Isaac Andrews, to give voice and visage to his Almighty …
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Talking Warinner with Land-Grant Holy Land
He wasn't as bad as they make out (players love him and he's done ok at OSU) but in terms of a technical teacher Warriner is just lights years better. … He quickly realized his mistake and asked no one to tweet about it so it only made a blip of news.
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