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Deranged millionaire John Hodgman answers our 11 questions
John Hodgman has played many roles throughout his life—deranged millionaire, Daily Show correspondent, book agent, author, PC—but he's always displayed a level of consistent intelligence and wit that have helped him succeed. He's on tour now, … I …
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Comedian Jimmy Pardo on why he abhors “Have You Ever Really Loved A
In HateSong, we ask our favorite musicians, writers, comedians, actors, and so forth to expound on the one song they hate most in the world. The hater: Jimmy Pardo has been a working comedian for almost 25 years, having started in Chicago in the late '80s.
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Rockness ’07 – foe w/e – David Bowie

One of those tunes u never expected to hear at that moment, but when u did, man it was perfect.

Numeracy Practice Test 2

This is the Numeracy Practice Test 2 from the Dept. of Education website. Here we give you how to work out the answers to all the questions. This video featu…
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Wife of convicted killer setenced to 40 years in prison

Wife of convicted killer setenced to 40 years in prison
And, Kim Williams would later testify, that was when her husband began plotting the murders that would rock the rural community and draw international attention. “It's bitterly ironic to have to come back to the same court twice to get justice,” said …
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Donated land must be used for Rock Falls riverfront pavilion
The Cellettis owned and operated Riverview Haven Nursing Home in Rock Falls for 40 years. Louis died June 6, 2013, at age 90. He died in 2003, 2 months before their 60th wedding anniversary. After his death, she set up a living trust that spelled out …

Psychedelic Furs' House of Blues show to offer a lesson – and a listen – in
The band, formed by lead singer Richard Butler in 1977, with his brother Tim on drums, in their Surrey, England, hometown is considered by many to the progenitors of alt-rock. That's true, and evident if you listen to any of the seven studio albums the …

Fire station was hot topic in 2014
The Janesville City Council voted in closed session in November 2013 to build the new station at or near the existing station along Milton Avenue. Some neighbors said they didn't learn their homes would be torn down until The Gazette uncovered plans …
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How to Open Up the Lines of Communication and Maintain a Healthy Relationship

When you start out in a relationship everything seems to flow. All is smooth sailing and you’re happy to do whatever your sweetie wants. You see only the good in them and want to spend as much time as possible with them. Communicating is a breeze and you both hit the ground running for a successful relationship.

Then, as things progress, you start to see some of their flaws, you start to realize that you don’t always want to go along with their plans and you have to start communicating on a deeper level.

It’s at this point that things can become tricky. It’s here where you can either go down the path of a breakup OR turn the tables and open up the lines of communication to resurrect your relationship and iron out your differences. No two people are ever the same. Big surprise I know.

So for a relationship to last, you NEED to have:

Some common interests

Without this, you’ll spend less and less time together and have less and less to talk about.

Communication is always up there as one of the main ingredients of a flourishing relationship. So it’s vital you hone this skill. If you don’t want to waste your time, make sure you get involved with someone with whom you have enough in common.

When you do things together, you get to know each on a deeper level. You’re not only communicating through speech, but also through body language, friendship, love and support for each other. Respect for each other grows, each of your guards is let down, and both your heart’s grow fond on each other. Now that’s a formula for a successful relationship!

Next item on the agenda.

Communication With Ease And Without Hesitation.
How easy can you talk to your ex on things? If you say something, are you worried that your ex will jump down your throat? Are you worried they won’t take you seriously?

How about employing the three C’s (Calm, Cool and Collected). Even if your ex turns into a raging pitbull, you can quickly calm that rage, and mellow them out to a state of total relaxation. It really is quite powerful.

Using the three C’s, you can more easily,

Avoid fighting, and ensure both of you can discuss issues in a chilled-out way.
Be taken seriously by your ex.
Do You Really Know What Your Ex Wants?
No matter how close two people are, we are not mind readers, and there will be times when you don’t know what your partner wants. So how do you get partner’s inner thoughts out into the open? It’s crucial to “get” these inner thoughts so that you can understand why your breakup occurred and what you can do to fix it.

Don’t Shut Down The Channels Of Communication
The moment you start evading issues and topics; the moment you start talking in half-truths and holding-back, is the moment you’re wandering into the land of dishonesty. Dishonesty is a sure-fire way of shutting down the channels of communication.

If you’re open and honest, the task ahead of sorting out any difficulties will become that so much easier.

Where Do You Focus Your Energy?
Do you focus on the negative or positive side of your ex?

Your ex won’t want to communicate when they see that everything you do and say as “an attack” on their flaws? Your ex won’t want to communicate when nothing ever seems good enough. If you look for the negative, you’ll find it; if you look for the positive, you’ll find it too. Focus on the positive things in your ex and show them you appreciate these things.

There are various ways to open up the lines of communication. In my video serious, I go through 9 super-ninja ways to open up these lines of communication and get your ex back. Visit to get your free “Magnetic Communication” mailed out to you today.

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Swanky Tiger: Hard Rock's Newest Soldiers
The newest band in this army of the undead is Swanky Tiger, a jazzy, punky, synthy hard rock band hailing from New York City. The quartet will be playing a special show on Jan. 7 at The Bowery Electric in NYC in celebration of their debut CD, Empires.
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Know Where To Go For New Year's Eve Celebrations
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – If you're itching for a new way to scratch your New Year's Eve fever, South Florida has you covered. If you want New York's “ball drop experience,” but also want your friends to be green with envy that you're enjoying Miami's …
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Casino Bidders Maneuver for Advantage as New York Panel Plans Decision on
David Flaum, the developer, was ecstatic that he could now boast that his proposal, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Rensselaer, had the backing of not only Rensselaer and Troy, but also Albany's mayor, Kathy Sheehan, and 11 surrounding counties.
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