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Jimmy Page says goodbye to Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page talks about Led Zeppelin music with a "Whole Lotta Love". Legendary British hard rock band Led Zeppelin had a Presence alright and they fought to keep it intact with their 1976 laser-focused, “guitar-led” album of the same name. … JIMMY …
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Singer-Songwriter Graham Nash to Dig into his Back Catalog for Hard Rock Live
The new songs that Nash has been playing in his live shows will finally find their way to an album that is due for release in 2016. Nash and Fontayne wrote 20 songs together in September and October of last year and went in to Village Recorders in Los …
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143 movie sequels currently in the works
Schwentke has the job of putting the last two announced movies to date together, and is filming Allegiant Part 1 for release in March 2016, with the concluding chapter in March 2017. The success of those will … The films themselves are expected in …
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Rare Corals in the News

Corals are tiny creatures that live in skeleton-covered colonies, creating the illusion that a coral community is one single organism. 

Scientists classify corals as animals, even though some of their characteristics could qualify them to be non-living.  The most critical distinction between plants and animals is that plants make their own food, while animals depend on outside sources for theirs.  Coral animals take advantage of both forms of nutrition by hosting plant-like algae in their tissues, which produce food for the coral using the sun’s energy, carbon dioxide and water. 

Coral reefs provide habitat for almost all forms of life including fish, crustaceans, seaweed, reptiles, bacteria and fungi.  A coral reef is covered with life and every form of life has a specific role.  The organisms live in a delicate balance, and despite covering less that .2 percent of the total area of oceans, coral reefs are noted for some of the highest levels of productivity on earth and provide an environment for 25 percent of all species of marine creatures.

Coral reefs all over the world face a variety of threats and many coral species are increasingly endangered. It is often assumed that rare coral species face higher risks of extinction because they have very small effective population sizes, and the expected result of this would be decreased genetic diversity and ability to adapt.

Because of this, many aquarists interested in collecting rare coral are increasingly sensitive to the need to protect these fragile organisms.  But recent studies have shown that rare coral may be smarter and more easily adapted than we think. 

The latest findings reveal that rare coral must be able to cross-breed with certain other coral species, which means that they can actually breed themselves out of a one-way trip to extinction. This finding was released by scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and has greatly raised hopes for the ability of the world’s rare corals to withstand the potential threats of changing climates and human impacts, says lead author Zoe Richards.

The best local fish stores teach heightened awareness of caring for the fragile life that we find in the ocean.  The growing concern for our earth’s environment and wildlife makes it a priority for us to find those experts who understand not only the joy of an aquatic hobby but also a responsibility to the fragile wildlife with which we are dealing. 

Aquatic Dreams of Layton, Utah has a well-trained crew that can give advice on caring for rare coral, saltwater fish, and a host of other saltwater aquarium livestock.  They are experts at shipping their rare coral, saltwater fish, and aquarium lighting and supplies all over the world, 

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Rock Band 3 – It's all about the keyboard

Rock Band 3 – It's all about the keyboard
When word came that Rock Band 3 would feature a new instrument — the keyboard / keytar — I rolled my eyes. Really? A keyboard? “How quaint,” as Scotty would say. But, as the release date for the game loomed, and the list of new songs was leaked, my …
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Free app for iPad, iPhone tells you what you're looking at
For example, “Oz the Great and Powerful” might begin with a voice saying “As the movie opens we see a solid while arc appear from right to left over Cinderella Castle. Under the castle is written the name 'Disney' in white letters”. This free app does …

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Chicago with Earth Wind & Fire shine their lights on unforgettable Houston night
Part of the classic rock concert experience includes sharing with the people next to you, "remember when?" and "we heard them before first in" segments, and that was true to almost every person perched on the lawn, whether atop a blanket they'd carried …

Watch Dave Grohl Forget The Words To An AC/DC Classic
Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has once again proved his allegiance to Australia and its proud rock and roll history. Well, sort of. Leading Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins' cover band Chevy Metal in a cover of AC/DC's Let There Be Rock earlier this week …
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Our Favorite Lines from Pitchfork Artists (Plus, a Contest!)

Our Favorite Lines from Pitchfork Artists (Plus, a Contest!)
This song does have great lyrics, but it's the "voicemail" in the middle that makes it, as a woman's voice explains to Ariel Pink that she put her number in his phone a little while ago and hasn't heard anything back and is just wondering…Catch Ariel …
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Sickbed successes: 20 great works created by the gravely ill
A note to idlers and procrastinators everywhere: The next time you think you don't have the energy to “deal,” think of Jean-Dominique Bauby, the French writer who wrote his memoir by using only his left eyelid. After suffering a massive stroke at the …
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Four Questions with Andy Gill from Gang of Four
The post-punk band Gang of Four have a new album, What Happens Next, which is being released on Feb. 24. It features collaborations with Alison Mosshart from The Kills, Robbie Furze from The Big Pink, Gail Ann Dorsey, German superstar Herbert …
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