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Carnival by Natalie Merchant: Essay

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Whether they admit to it or not in later life, most people have a favorite song (or two or three) when they are young. The song may be linked to some romantic event in a person’s life – the well-known phenomenon of the “song they were playing during our first dance”. Or it may be keyed to something entirely personal and not specifically romantic at all – the first song you heard when you woke up on your sixteenth birthday, or the day you found out you’d won a college scholarship or the day you saw your first eagle flying overhead. For many people, a favorite song becomes that favorite because it is connected for them to an external and important event. But it is unlikely that any song will become personally meaningful unless the listener can connect something in the lyrics to her or his own life.

This is the case with one of my own personal favorite songs, Natalie Merchant’s “Carnival”. Her lyrics for this song are relevant to the experiences of a lot of young people because she captures the sense that many of us have that the majority of people are cheating themselves out of the life that they could have. My own connection to the song didn’t come about in a single moment: The first time that I heard it I didn’t say to myself, “This is it, this is my song.” But from the first time that I heard it I began to think about the ideas that she raised in it. And her lyrics, combined with the way that the song prompted me to think about myself and the people that I know, helped me realize that many people do in fact spend a lot of their time being effectively blinded by the constraints of their lives. This is, of course, not something that Merchant is the first person to discover or to write about.


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Pavement Signs Can Point the Way

In retail, a sale isn’t complete until it has been rung up on the till or register but there can be many steps along the way to sealing the deal. One of the most important aspects involves making customers aware of your product and of the benefits it can offer them but it can be difficult to get people into your store and to make purchases. Depending on the physical location of your store, your company may need to advertise extensively to make people aware of its presence. However, even if you have a great location with plenty of passing trade, there is a need to catch the eye of these people and turn them into customers.

One of the most obvious ways to catch the attention of people walking by is to use retail signs outside of the shop. These can be attached to the wall or roof of the building or they could even be placed on the street in front of the store. There is a need to make sure you are not completely blocking the pavement and that you are not breaking any rules in the placement of your sign but once that has been taken care of, it is possible to start bringing people into the store.

These pavement signs can be coloured brightly to catch the eye or they could focus on the benefits that your store offers. All stores should have something that matters to the customer, be it low prices, great products or staff with an in-depth knowledge of the product to provide assistance. Any one of these factors can give a store an edge and when it comes to enticing people to become customers, it is crucial to provide something that other firms cannot compete with. This is the sort of information that should be included on the retail signs as this will provide customers with the reason to enter your store and shop.

It can be difficult to get all of the stores benefits onto a sign without making it look crammed but providing an incentive to come inside is also a great way to ensure people visit your shop. Pavement signs or A-boards are a great way of attracting attention but they need to look good themselves. This means they have to be durable and able to withstand whatever the weather may throw at them. After all, if a battered or rain-damaged sign is all that consumers have to judge your company on, they will likely walk on by.

Pavement signs, along with other products such as A boards can help companies promote their services and products to the public in a cost effective manner.

Young guitarist get inspired from the legend Jimi Hendrix

One of the talented artist who lived on this earth only for twenty seven years have inborn quality of music in him and believed and cherished as the most popular electric guitarist in the world and one of the pioneer of the modern day music is not other than the James Marshall Hendrix or popularly as Jimi Hendrix. People came to know to the legendary guitarist in the year 1967 in the festival show at Monterrey. People used to count the legend in the top most celebrities in the twentieth century.

Young Jimi’s life

The little Jimi wants to join the army of United States but due to the failure the exams he has to leave the army in the next year of the joining. The year was then on 1961.Following the two years he moved to the Tennessee and over there he played on numerous chitin circuits. Following he get apposition in the back of a band of isle brothers and later up to mid of 1965 he joined the little the famous bassist Chas chandler of the animals Jimi was being recognized on and he used to play with the Curtis knight and  the squires. In the year 1969 he was the highest paid artist in the music industry of the top musicians. These all happed on my performance of the festival at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight. The luck of the guitarist flourished after he being moved to England.

Carrier growth and albums

The rock and roll music of the Jimi Hendrix rocked the people of the United States a lot. The innovative ideas does not last hear as because the wah-wah pedal technique was being introduced by Jimi and later on he also started music with stereophonic phrasing which changed the music recording. He was a solo cum band performer and can perform in any kind of environment to entertain the people. Not only he was musician he also bought some innovitive ness in the music industries by the high amplifier musics and instrumental high volume songs.

Lifetime achievements

In his lifetime the legendary guitarist Hendrix received many awards. But after his death Hendrix award was being introduced on. The hall of fame in the United States stated an award in the name of the Jimi Hendrix in the year. The United Kingdom started the award in the year 2005.the rolling stones told that they considered jimmy as the best guitarist in the world. The rolling stone always used to give update on the jimmy’s new innovations of music.

Inspirations and conclusion

Jimmy said that he was being inspired by many guitarists in the little age. As his motto was to fight for America so he got the chance but fail. But success came with music in his life. In a magazine interview he told that he was being influenced by the B B king and muddy waters. Last but not the least this legendary guitarist has showed and inspired many young one to come and show his or her talent to the world.

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The Top 10 My Chemical Romance Songs You Must Hear Before You Die!

My Chemical Romance one of the biggest rock sensations of the last decade built an impressive repertoire before their final break up in march 2013. But with over a decades worth of material where do you begin? Here’s a list to help get you started.

10 – ‘Vampire Money’

‘Vampire Money’ was released in 2010, but you wouldn’t know it. The song sounds like an out of control collaboration between the Sex Pistols and Jerry Lee Lewis. The 50s style single chord piano thumping and sarcastic as hell ‘voice over’ type intro is bound to make you giggle. However what takes the biscuit with this song has to be the lyrics. “Gimme, gimme some of that vampire money c’mon!” a not so subtle dig at the Twilight movie soundtrack gold rush that they managed to resist.

9 – ‘Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us’

‘Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us’ was one of the early signs that this band had something special. The catchy almost spooky intro riff leads the charge in this song about substance abuse. Gerard Way composed this after coming out the other end of his struggle with drugs. The lyrics “And you can cry all you want to, I don’t care… ” still sounds icy cold.

8 – ‘Sing’

By the time My Chemical Romance were writing tracks for their final album ‘Danger Days’, they had the rock anthem factor perfected. Nowhere is this more obvious than on ‘Sing,’ a simple choice for this list. A big song with high production value that gets to the point. Not to mention stays in your head for days.

7 – ‘Teenagers’

‘Teenagers’ was the last thing you would expect from MCR. An upbeat alternative rock tune with a 12 bar blues feel doesn’t appear very often, let alone go platinum. But the catchy sing along feel is in stark contrast to some subversive and controversial lyrics. The lyrics touch on gun crime “what you’ve got under your shirt. Will make them pay for the things they’ve done” and authoritarianism “They’re gonna clean up your looks, With all the lies in the books… So they can watch all the things you do” etc. Not the norm for a top 30 hit but then, that’s My Chemical Romance!

6 – ‘The Ghost of You’

My Chemical Romance took a more laid back approach in ‘The Ghost of You,’ but that doesn’t make the song any less effective. This sad number explores the pain of the loss of a loved one. While it’s one of the more moody tracks on their ‘Three Cheers for Lovely Revenge’ record, it perfectly demonstrates the bands knack for combining mournful melodies with an angst driven delivery.

5 – ‘Na Na Na’

If you need a pick-me-up, My Chemical Romance’s ‘Na Na Na’ is the one to do it for you. This great power cut was the tune that broke the group out of writers block during their fourth album. Just one listen and it will be clear why!

4 – ‘Helena’

‘Helena’ which starts with a hushed almost Cure like feel, suddenly explodes to break neck speed in this emotional rocker inspired by the loss of Gerard Ways late grandmother. This is the tune that saw the band move a little closer to the big leagues.

3 – ‘Famous Last Words’

‘Famous Last Words’ begins with the tension of a ticking bomb. Building up to a face melting guitar riff before finally kicking into a driving chorus. The refrain “I am not afraid to keep on living” is enough to inspire the most broken of souls.

2 – ‘I’m not Okay (I Promise)

‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ is the song that brought My Chemical Romance to a bigger audience and continues to be one of their most well-known tunes. The video for the song was also a parody on the teen movie sensation. Definitely worth a peak.

1 – ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’

The impressive ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ is certainly worthy of the top position in this list. Starting off with a poignant piano melody it grows to euphoric levels, comparable to the rock opera style of Queen. The song goes from the idea of being confronted with death (the black parade) to a message of hope “We’ll carry on”. Pretty heavy themes for rock music but then again My Chemical Romance were no ordinary band.

For those of you who have never really taken the time to explore this band I hope this list provides you with a great starting point. But remember this list only scratches the surface and with four studio albums there are plenty more where they came from.

If you like emo, punk rock or post hardcore you will like the new Irish-Canadian rock band called Remedyjack. I’ve recently discovered a link where the band are giving away two of their latest tracks for free. Click here for more info.

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