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Polycom Conference Phone Is The Latest Muse For Business Conferencing

There are many ways to communicate with your fellow colleagues, business counter parts and existing and prospective clients. And one of the popular means is via polycom conference phone. The use of these phones enables you to communicate with more than two people at the same point of time. This is one of the most convenient ways to organize an online conference.

Teleconferencing with the help of a polycom conference phone enables the end users to get in touch with all other fellow members and have an active participation in all conferences. A teleconference is the live exchange and mass articulation of information among several persons and machines present distant from one another but linked by a telecommunications system.

Polycom is one of the pioneers in the field of telecom products and are constantly involved in manufacturing of new and innovative products in order to give the best possible product to their customers. polycom conference phone is one of Polycom’s most demanded products and are famous all across the world.

The latest by them is their line of polycom SoundStation conference phones. These phones are specifically designed for the purpose of audio conferencing. It enables the en users to participate in all their conferences without being physically present at a common conference venue. That is, an individual can participate in the conference just by sitting at the comfort of his office cabin.

As far as the features of Polycom soundStation phones are concerned, they have all the basic features like: pause, mute, hold, flash, redial, speed dial, wide display panel with extended back light, volume control, caller id and in-built phone memory for storing phone numbers and extension numbers. These phones are easy to install and are extremely user-friendly to operate.

The most recent introduction in Polycom conference phones is SoundStation2 phones. The main feature of these phones is their noise resistant feature. These phones are resistant to all kinds of disturbances that are usually caused by wireless equipments like radio, mobile phones, etc, that are present around the phones.

SoundStaion2 uses omni directional microphones. This helps in voice capturing from all directions. It offers free movement to the conference speaker and helps him in remaining hands free. Such microphone type even captures the little whisper of the speaker and hence provides smooth and crystal clear voice clarity. Thus, audio conferencing has become one of the popularly used communication means and therefore, the use of conference call phones is increasing day by day.

I. Khan writes content for Telcom & Data Inc., providers of polycom conference phone & polycom SoundStation including SoundStation2 as they are useful in conducting smooth conferences.

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Bob Dylan was is and will be that same 60’s kid that we all love so much

Bob  Dylan, has given the world some of the most touching and true words written about the 60’s events. The difficult times that Unites States faced with the Vietnam War, About 58,000 of Americans soldiers were pronounced Dead. He fought for his country with just a guitar, harmonica and his powerful words. He is no politician nor soldier but  a patriot. Through his great talent he was able to reach people on another level and fighting for civil rights and against the Vietnam war. His songs like “The Times They Are A -Changin” and “Blowin’ in the Wind” are some of his greatest works composed during that decade. He used music as a powerful force to influence and unite people to stand as one for their rights.

But where has he been hiding since then? Since the 60’s Dylan has been busy touring all around the United States. Even now at the age of 69 he is a busy guy filled with important events ( He had just recently performed for president Obama at the white House. It looks as though Dylan has not changed, even with age Bob Dylan is that same young kid. President Obama talked about the performance in the rolling stone interview ( …). Obama states that most artists that perform for him cant wait to take pictures with him and the first lady, but not Bob Dylan, he didn’t show up for the photo session, he only did the show and left. “Here’s what I love about Dylan: He was exactly as you’d expect he would be, finishes the song, steps off the stage  – I’m sitting right n the front row – comes up, shakes my hand, sort of tips his head, gives me just a little grin, and then leaves….And I thought: that’s how you want Bob Dylan, right?” he goes on and stats “I am probably still more heavily weighted toward the music of my childhood than I am the new stuff. There’s still a lot of Steve Wonder, a lot of Bob Dylan, a lot of Rolling Stones, a lot of R&B, a lot of Miles Davids and John Coltrane”. So as you can see Bob Dylan is that same kid from the 60’s. He is still not a big of a fan of the government just as before.

Dylan is an amazing performer as he is a writer and a composer. His songs are to this day heard all over the united states and all around the world. Their content can be related to events that take place today in the world. That is what is so good about them, the words written decades ago are reborn in the events of war and hardship. Seeing him perform now is just like seeing him perform in the 60’s. Only his face has aged but he is that same kid with that same vision, it is like a magical phenomenon to watch him perform live. He has become a true American legend, you can see him for yourself as he tours. You can purchase his tickets on (  Don’t miss this great chance.

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Green Earth Marketing

Reading the recent Norwich Union study about eco-lies, made me question my own authenticity as a Green Girl Wannabe. Appearances can be deceiving, and a lot of the green credit I have been taking, should really be going to Green Guru. I married Green Guru a little less than two years ago. This life altering event introduced a green consciousness that was not there before. There is a difference between being conscious, and taking action, however. If I am honest with myself, I am still stuck in the role of passive thinker. Green Guru is the one doing ninety nine percent of the environmental work in our house. If it was not for Green Guru, I would still be living in my old house, with poor isolation, and sky rocketing energy bills. I would still be driving my old Subaru. I would still be a dilettante recycler. I would still run laundry loads like you would not believe. I would still go the plastic bag route at Whole Foods. I would shamelessly buy too much food and throw half of it away. I would keep using all my old light bulbs. I would still leave all the appliances plugged in 24/7. This is who I am, still, at the core.

This split between awareness and lack of corresponding actions, has become an obsession of mine. Back in the 80’s, the British introduced the account planning function in advertising, and revolutionized the way ads were conceived. The account planner’s job is to understand the consumer, at a much deeper level than can usually be achieved through traditional market research techniques. Account planning relies on a ladder technique of consumer insights. Part of the problem with the current climate crisis, is there has not been a convincing message to the majority, the people like me, that sells them effectively on a Green Earth proposition. The reason there has not been a convincing message, is the lack of a well conceived communication campaign. If Green Earth was a product, and I was the marketer in charge of selling it, I would have been fired from my job a long time ago. This is where account planning comes into play. There needs to be a better understanding of what makes people tick. Why have not they been buying the Green Earth product? Why are they resorting to their old ways still? What will convince them? These are the questions that need to be asked. These are the questions I ask of myself.

Awareness is not an issue. I am convinced of the problem. I know what to do pretty much. The first thought is, I feel detached. My life is pretty good as it is. If you are asking me to alter my life so drastically, I am not sure I can. One thing I could handle, but not so many, especially when I am not suffering right now. Old ways are working for me. They may not be working for the planet, but they are working for me. I do not have the will power to change on my own. It is too much work, too much effort, and I have enough on my plate already. I could follow regulations. But to initiate changes on my own, especially a whole bunch, that is just too much. I am getting irritated with all the green do gooders out there boasting about their green feats. Good for them. For me, it just makes me feel guilty and incompetent. So much stuff I have to do. I quit. You don’t understand all I have to deal with as it is. Don’t ask me for more. . .

Account Planner might stop me right there. And start making sense of my smorgasbord of thoughts. One insight that comes out, is my cry for help. I want to do good, but I just can’t, and I am asking for another solution. I don’t want to have to do so much work. Making significant lifestyle changes takes energy. This is not unlike people trying to quit smoking, or drinking, or to lose weight. This is why Weight Watchers, and twelve steps program are so popular. What’s called for here is a Green Earth Solution that does not put so much burden on the consumer, and shifts it instead to external structures. Big Brother needs to step in.

Marguerite Manteau-Rao is a blogger, social psychologist, and green girl wannabe. Since April 2007, she has chronicled her daily tribulations as a green girl wannabe in her blog: La Marguerite “My Inconvenient Truth: the Daily Sins of a Green Girl Wannabe”

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Five Pagoda Temple – a Bejewelled Crown of Bricks and Stones

Among the interesting architecture you are bound to come across in Asia, a pagoda stands as a prominent one. A tower like multi-storey structure tapering off at the top is a common feature in pagodas. Pagodas are built near temples and considered as places of worship. They are built with materials like stone, wood, iron or brick and some of them even reach dizzying heights over 150 metres, such as the tallest pagoda in China Tianning. China is quite famous for containing a great number of pagodas, portraying enchanting designs distinct to each pagoda’s locality. While most pagodas stand like solitary giants, there are ones accompanied by counterparts, like the Three Pagodas in Yunnan Province and Five Pagoda in Haidian District. Taking the pagoda architecture to new heights and lengths the Five Pagoda is a breathtaking landmark that appears from a distance like a gigantic ornate crown. The Five Pagoda Temple also known as Wutasi rests about 200 metres northwest of Beijing

Zoo surrounded by popular attractions. It was initially known as Zhenjuesi or the Temple of True Awakening and later as Dazhengjuesi or the Temple of Great Righteous Awakening. The earliest temple in the premises was built in 1473 and was renovated again in the mid 18th century. What you see today at the Five Pagoda Temple are the remains left by several conflicts in the region.

The temple’s unique design is an inspiration from Indian architectural style called Diamond Throne Pagoda. The one in Haidian District has evolved further from the original style imbuing traditional Chinese elements into the design. Built with bluestones and bricks the structure starts with a six storey high square base crowned by a soaring central pagoda flanked by four pagodas in the corners. The central pagoda houses 13 storeys while its smaller counterparts are two storeys less in height.

Five Pagoda Temple is teeming with carvings and reliefs including images, figures and symbols considered sacred in Buddhism. Moreover the ancient inscriptions of Sanskrit found in the premises make the temple an archeologically important site. It is a great place to study religious arts and architecture for the enthusiasts and a site enveloped in serenity, pleasing regular sightseers as well.

In the niches of the temple complex are over 1500 images of Buddha and on one of its walls is an important astronomical chart neatly carved. Besides being a religious site, the Five Pagoda Temple today stands as the Beijing Art Museum of Stone Carvings and exhibits over 2000 stone carvings.

Near the famous Five Pagoda Temple is the peaceful and picturesque Qingcheng Park overlooking the Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot. Being the first international deluxe hotel in Huhhot it is a great choice for those who prefer a holiday away from the bustling cities. Being one of the best luxury Huhhot hotels you can enjoy spacious rooms and suites along with scrumptious cosmopolitan cuisine. What’s more you can even reach the international airport and the railway station within minutes from here, keeping you well connected during your holiday.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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Battle caught with the same goals for 5 2 lore Arsenal carnage in temperament sublimation

Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys supply store report:

Reversal of Porto, Arsenal 32 years after losing the first leg of a stadium in the war in Europe, finally winning back the league, Arsenal still have to post-process force, in the 93rd minute scored the third of the early lock. The Turner Jianlou break, but also quietly created a small record 5 consecutive games in goal after the end of regulation, that is often said that the stoppage time goal.

Specializes in whistle before the goal, the law of Arsenal this season, half concluded, the data show 40 to 45 minutes the gunmen among Qianban Chang (including stoppage time) into the 10 goals the game before the end of the last 5 minutes (85 to 90 minutes with added-on time) is also into 6 balls. The second half, Gunners this trend more obvious, the last 4 league games plus 1 Champions League, the Turner into stoppage time in the audience were a total of 6 balls.

Home game against Sunderland, Cesc Fabregas 90-minute break locked 2-0 victory. Stoke City with the tragedy of war, is also a small 法维尔马伦 with two goals in stoppage time to complete reversal. Burnley 3-1, Arshavin’s goal also occurs in 94 minutes. Victory over Porto, Turner completed the hat-trick of penalties, but also earned the first 91 minutes. 1 minute change today 3, is caught with the same 3 minutes to complete.

5 6 90 minutes + field goal, then called die with limited English goals, including fighting off Stoke and Hull City are to draw the golden goal victory variable, usually called the winning shots. Less than 20 days, two staged lore, can be rare on the Arsenal, the league did not last a full year of a stoppage time comeback. And if not these two exciting final lore, and now Arsenal have four points and the gap between the top and not go hand in hand.

The total goals in stoppage time, you can find fault with the time that the team played conventional flow, Tactics, and so the delay is difficult to show superiority, nor the neglect of Arsenal on the psychological and morale improved. Two years ago, Eduardo’s broken leg plus Birmingham, tied, completely ruined the gunmen champion hope and goal is precisely the turning point donate Clichy injury time penalty opponents. Then the gunman, nerves stretched to breaking a fragile toughness lack lacks the strength to bury the excellent situation.

Arsenal have encountered this season, a broken leg Ramsey tragedy, Emirates Stadium banners, “as Rambo (Ramsey nickname) and war”, gunmen did, caught with the same lore consecutive opponent and gain (broken leg door later) 4 games in a row, the real words with action and not to give her courage. Arsenal have to say Nirvana is now off too early, but this progress is gratifying. Championship team on the favorable and unfavorable conditions are struggling camel, Manchester United, Chelsea are Yuecuoyueyong the Iron Army, PK Arsenal with them can not be left behind.

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Who resemble celebrities?

The idea of finding the celebrity look-like has caught people’s attention irrespective of ages all over the world. And have anyone wondered whether there are people resembling famous people especially VIPs?


Such following people look like celebrities for not only facial resemblance but also body shape. It seems that they can not hide their pride as well as big burden.


Chen Yan, 51, from Mianyang, in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan dresses up as Mao Zedong.


Tobias Santiago as Charlie Chaplin


Participants resemble Ernest Hemingway at a makeup contest in Florida, U.S


Former president George W. Bush (left) and his look-like


An actress in a white dress looks like Marilyn Monroe – an American actress, singer, and model


Thousands of people danced to Michael Jackson’ thriller in Los Angeles.



Susanne Knoll, 45, looks like Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany


Neil Valenzuela dresses up like Elvis Presley

I am an internet marketer and freelance photographer. I maintain various sites and blogs with a large audience. My hobby is collecting photographs of celebrities and writing comments on outstanding events in the field of entertainment.

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