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Impressive Pumpkins for Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 is coming, and pumpkins are most concerned to be creatively carved because carved pumpkins are considered to be the soul of Halloween season. It’s so marvelous that under the skillful hands of artist and sculptor Ray Villafane, ordinary pumpkins become original with scariest shapes hitting Halloween 2010. Those simple pumpkins are carved to another higher level with gothic gargoyles offering the popular but unique themes for Halloween holiday. Ray Villafane, now 41 years old, is living in a village of Bellaire, Michigan, United States. His works have got much attention and admiration from locals and people around the United States. It can not be denied that Ray\’s works are masterpieces helping him become a two-time winner of the Food Network\’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins. Let\’s have a look at the most impressive images of carved pumpkins by Ray Villafane as follows and see what is moving on those interesting faces.


What an anxious face!


A wrinkling and angry face is carved out of a pumpkin


Ray Villafane, the 41-year-old pumpkin carver, has won the Food Network\’s Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins twice. At present, he is an art teacher at a school in Michigan, and carving is considered as his big interest. One day, on the occasion of upcoming Halloween, Ray Villafane wanted to change something funny on such normal pumpkins by carving. Since then, Ray Villafane has been keen on carving on pumpkins with horrific faces, or gothic gargoyles well fitting the theme of the popular Halloween holiday.


An old witch\’s a horrific face


Whether or not the pumpkin was finished its carving. The face seems to be crying


A horrific Halloween face with scary snakes


The weight of a pumpkin is the most important criteria to be carved. In order to have a wonderful carved Halloween pumpkin, you should choose thick ones, it means that they are very heavy for its size. Using different types of sharp knives to carve a 3-D face onto a shallow flat surface.


Two different half-faces are matched into one creating a devil face


A big pumpkin is carved in to the face of a powerful tribe leader


It was a human face covered by the shell of a big pumpkin


It took Ray Villafane much time to complete the carved Zipperhead from a pumpkin



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The Five-Step Method to Prevent Strokes

Ischemic attack or Stroke as is commonly known has an adverse effect on the brain. After Cardiovascular diseases and Cancer, strokes are the third largest cause of deaths in the United States. We cannot specify any pre-conditions in which a stroke can occur. You can have all the risk factors for a stroke and still may not suffer from one, while anybody who shows no history can have one. Hence, it becomes essential for us to know what can cause strokes and how to prevent them. Here is a five-step method that will ensure that you can prevent a stroke from occurring in your life thus helping you live longer.

1. Keep a tab on your blood pressure: High blood pressure is one of the main causes for a stroke. Therefore, it is essential to control your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, making small changes in your lifestyle routine and having a low salt diet will ensure that your blood pressure is under control.

2. Switch to a Healthy and Natural Diet: Having a healthy diet is the surefire way to prevent strokes as our diet has a major part in preventing many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc. A healthy diet constitutes of food rich in fiber and low in saturated fats. A good way to ensure a healthy diet is to include lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts etc in your everyday diet and reduce the intake of junk food an occasional indulgence. Having a healthy diet will also keep a control on your weight, which will further help in preventing the chances of a stroke.

3. Include Exercise into your routine: We all understand the importance of exercise but avoid it as the very thought sounds very exhausting. Exercise need not necessarily be backbreaking. Include some moderate exercises like walking, climbing stairs, gardening, cycling, etc into your daily activities and see the difference it makes to your overall health. This will help in the end to prevent from having a stroke.

4. Manage your Diabetes: Like high blood pressure, diabetes can also pose a risk of developing stroke. Especially in cases where patients have not kept their sugar levels under control over extended periods, the potential is high. Hence, keep your diabetes under control by regularly going for check-ups and maintaining a diet to control the same. If you have not checked your blood sugar recently, better go and get it checked immediately to eliminate the risk.

5. Say “NO” to smoking: Research has proved that smoking increases the risk of a stroke as well as reduces the life span of a person by almost 10 years. Hence, say “No” to smoking today and improve your chances of living a better life.

By making small changes and following this five-step method in your everyday life, you can not only prevent a stroke but also help prevent many other diseases. Not to forget the improved health and fitness you will gain by doing this. Try it and see the results for yourself.

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Flying On Your Own

Mica Heli Guides stands alone in the world of powder for two simple but obvious reasons: its terrain (which is massive and private) and its helicopters (which are small and also private). Ski Canada editor Iain and I made a weekend visit to the only heli-operation in the Rockies last April to check out the sometimes chest-deep (not so difficult when you’re Iain’s size, but even I disappeared occasionally) snow that draws skiers from around the world.

The access route to Mica Heli Guides follows a valley wedged between the Selkirk and the Monashee mountains-both prime heliskiing territory-but Mica is an all-Rockies operation. That’s significant in itself. The Rocky Mountains have a bad reputation in backcountry skiing circles-they’re said to be too dry, too windswept, too cold, too avalanche-prone. Consequently, the vast majority of snowcat- and heli-skiing takes place in the warmer, snowier mountain ranges to the west.

Mica Heliskiing puts the lie to the Rockies’ dire reputation. Well, that’s not quite right. Vast regions of the Canadian Rockies especially on the Alberta side-indeed are relative powder deserts, and consequently prone to killer shallow-snowpak avalanches. But hidden in this vast range of ranges are certain zones that due to mysterious geographical quirks, are blessed with a local climate seemingly transplanted from the Selkirks or Monashees. Mica Heliskiing is one of those zones.

The cedar and hemlock growing among the more familiar spruce and pine were one indication we were in a unique zone. The most obvious, though, was the snowpack, which, even in a bizarre winter like 2005, was double the depth found elsewhere in the Rockies. Normally, this region averages 1,500-2,000 cm of snowfall per year at 2,000 metres, or just below treeline. Compare that to 400-500 cm typical for the Alberta Rockies, and it seems almost unbelievable we’re talking about the same mountains. Despite that precipitative bounty, the weather at Mica Heliskiing is less humid, on average, than the Selkirks, with a bigger share of sunny days. As well, it’s less prone to the fog and rain that can leave other heli-ski operators with a frustrating number of down-days.

Last season, if you wanted to be sure your heli-ski holiday booking resulted in actual turns, you couldn’t have done better than Mica Heliskiing. All other heli-operators suffered at least one major rain event to their peak elevation. Some lost entire weeks of operation, taking the unprecedented step of sending batches of glum guests back home. Mica Heliskiing also suffered cancellations-because some prospective guests assumed it was rained-out. It wasn’t; the show went on throughout January, and in early April, the time of our visit, the snowpack was deep and solid and the fresh powder was well beyond copious.

The overall result: Mica Heliskiing is putting the Canadian Rockies back on the A-list of backcountry skiing destinations, where this stupendously beautiful mountain range belongs.

Mica Heliskiing’s mountain lodge stands alone on a broad, open slope with a stunning vista overlooking Kinbasket Lake, a gigantic reservoir that backs up the Columbia River and fills the Rocky Mountain Trench for more than 200 km. The Monashees and northernmost Selkirks rise across the water, the Rockies loom out back. Matt Callaghan, the superlative throttle-jockey transplant from Hamilton who performed the smoothest take-offs and landing I’ve encountered, would place his little A-star right beside the mountain lodge, its three-bladed rotor coming within a few metres of the front porch posts. He laughingly assured us the missing spindles on the lodge’s upper railing weren’t from trying to land too close.

The lodge looked small from the outside, but proved roomy and comfortable. After all, if houses only 12 guests (mostly American when we visited, but also a few Euros), who sleep in a mix of eight single and double rooms, each with its own bathroom. The spacious dining and relax areas included great views. During winter, the lodge is accessible only by helicopter, yet it has wireless Internet access and satellite TV. But despite the TV prattling on the evenings (this was a guys’ trip), no one seemed to be watching but instead each took turns retelling the day’s events or enjoying self-deprecating ski stories from former times.

With so much snow our first night an early grey morning that filled in our view of the lake, we fretted that our first of two days would be spent entirely in the lodge. But our optimist guide Craig Ellis was bang-on when he said it was going to clear by the time our safety procedures (which required wallowing around up to our thighs finding hidden plastic-wrapped transceivers) were done.

Truth be told, I lurched around clumsily most of the first day, never really finding a rhythm in the deep snow and uneven, often steep and treed terrain. I staggered like a hung-over ’80s-era rocker from a Pat Lynch article, my turns displaying the mellifluous fluidity of a Helix guitar solo. Iain rambled on the next morning trying to analyze his dreams that centered around skiing massive swallowing powder-and flying. Go figure. Day two was another world entirely and given the limited length I’m allowed to write, I’m happy to write about one spectacular day.

A flight barely long enough to buckle our boots and adjust our various dangling accouterments brought us to an isolated knoll high above the reservoir. More snow had fallen overnight, but the previous day’s humidity had evaporated and the first turn, in which I plunged chest-deep into dry snow, told me this would be a singular skiing day. Our route followed a broad avalanche path down a series of rollers-plunge down, bench out, plunge down, bench out, for 1,000 vertical metres.

The five of us-Mica Heliskiing’s lead guide Craig Ellis, Iain and I, and happy American pals Dan and Jay immediately fell into the rhythm that had eluded us the day before. Amiable fellows and enthusiastic skiers, it would have been great to ski a whole week in Dan and Jay’s company. Iain quietly remarked several times on their ability, wishing his friends back home, who are intimidated at the thought of heliskiing or catskiing, could see how the pair of advanced but not necessarily expert skiers were enjoying deep powder.

It was a decadent but comfortable feeling not skiing out of a massive 212 chopper with 12 in a group like other operations. Skiing with only four guests makes Mica Heliskiing stand out in the heli crowd. There was never a scramble to go first each run, or who would have to play tail gunner, no waiting for the slow one in the group and no worries about having to keep up with the best skier. Everyone was relaxed and simply enjoying the skiing at his own pace.

Craig’s smile seemed to come more easily on day two. Gazing out at the chequered panorama of peaks and cliffs, dark forest and huge open snowfields, overlain by a sky of puffy fast-scudding clouds and patchy blue sky, Craig commented: “You can see how unusual this part of the Rockies is. These outer areas basically look like an extension of the Monashees, broad and round-shouldered and very skiable, while over there, one valley over, you can see those are unmistakably Rockies-like, and they get steeper and cliffier the farther in you travel.” Others have compared parts of Mica Heliskiing’s area to the Himalayas. I couldn’t see it myself-local Canadian analogies plus a couple of adjectives seemed more than sufficient. But there’s no accounting for certain writers’ verbal flights of fancy.

It would have been great to do a day of full-blown exploration. For me, that’s what so much of skiing is all about talking about, dreaming of, traveling to and exploring new terrain, then reliving the experience at the end of the day. If it was purely and solely about turning in powder, then why ski more than one slope your whole life? I knew there were descents up to an incredible 2,500 vertical metres lurking out there, huge glaciers, massive alpine bowls and narrow ridges spilling couloirs, with the towering peaks of the Rockies’ main spine in Jasper National Park seemingly within grabbing distance.

I was lusting to push farther out into Mica Heliskiing’s immense terrain, a provincial tenure containing seven major drainages covering an astounding 4,700 square km. To date, several substantial zones have seen only exploratory flights, if that. This season, the company aims to ski the more remote terrain regularly, enabling lucky groups to christen dozens of new runs according to their tastes. Mica Heliskiing is already talking about building a satellite lodge to the south, bringing terrain that’s currently too remote to practically shuttle three groups within easier reach.

Sadly, the high alpine avalanche danger remained a tad too substantial for Craig’s liking, leaving such adventures sitting prominently on our next-time-around list. There was plenty to do right here in the Molson drainage, thankfully. Our first run was just the outermost descent of row-upon-row of lines marching up the valley, all of them starting just at treeline before plunging into forests chequered with hidden glades and narrow gullies. Safe from the hazards of the open alpine, Craig led us on a series of ever steeper, ever-tighter pillow-hopping forays.

Sadly, the high alpine avalanche danger remained a tad too substantial for Craig’s liking, leaving such adventures sitting prominently on our next-time-around list. There was plenty to do right here in the Molson drainage, thankfully. Our first run was just the outermost descent of row-upon-row of lines marching up the valley, all of them starting just at treeline before plunging into forests chequered with hidden glades and narrow gullies. Safe from the hazards of the open alpine, Craig led us on a series of ever steeper, ever-tighter pillow-hopping forays.

After several miles of steady vertical and lateral progress, we could see how the Molson drainage hooded abruptly to the north and climbed, finally sealed by a long circling ridgeline enclosing a great amphitheater of mostly alpine terrain. We did two runs on its forest-fringed edges, but Craig several times mentioned his “Spider senses tingling,” and we soon returned to the trees. Despite the relative confinement, we didn’t cross an old track all day, and even the tightest lines left room for all five of us.

On one of these runs it suddenly hit me that, were we in a normal heli-skiing group, that wouldn’t be the case at all. Often, the eighth-or-so skier would be left with cut-up snow, and the 12th would face a virtually packed slope. And if there were four groups of 12, half the guests would be slithering though moguls. Mica Heliskiing’s all-small-group approach, with three groups of four guests, each with one guide, alters the experience substantially. The guide can pick much tighter terrain and know that everyone will wallow happily in pow. With only four people to manage on descents and load/ unload each run cycle, the pace can be simultaneously more relaxed and much faster than in traditional large-group skiing. Except for fuel runs, there’s never any waiting for the helicopter. And all this privacy for a price only slightly more than large-group heli-skiing. Amazing! So amazing, I can’t imagine it’ll last forever.

George Koch is a lifelong skier and award-winning journalist who has written about skiing, business and politics for the past 20 years. His skiing articles appear primarily in Ski Canada magazine, and have also been published in Powder, Warren Miller’s Snoworld, other U.S. and Canadian publications and various European magazines. Read more at

Pretend Play Makes Everything Possible

Pretend play stimulates different aspects from a child’s young mind. Toddlerhood becomes the time when everything is possible for a little child. Simple things bring great ideas and creativity becomes exceptional and inspiring.

Most parents are amazed on how a three year old could build something unique out of wooden blocks or pretend to be a horseman with a sword using broomsticks. They definitely enjoy dressing up and pretend to have a conversation with stuffed animals or puppets. It may be quite bizarre for adults like us but we must realize the significance of pretend play for a child’s growth and development.

Children need a lot of nurturing besides giving our unconditional love and affection. There is so much more to learn to be able to build their character, personality and intelligence and cope with the reality that the world offers.

Preschools and day care centers know the importance of pretend play toys or toddlers and growing kids. Though basic education is very important for children to build their knowledge and skills, it is also essential to establish their emotional intelligence and individuality.

Every time a child engages themselves to pretend play, he is able to build their social and emotional skills. It helps them improve their interaction with other children and recognize the value of cooperation, sharing and creative problem-solving. Being able to experience other people’s situation allows them develop empathy which can greatly affect their personality and become better persons in the future.

Perhaps many parents notice how their children develop their communication skills during active play. Pretend play toys allow toddlers to become more equipped with language skills and little by little, learn more words and phrases by talking to other children or imitating other people like their parents. Spoken language works hand in hand with written language that eventually becomes their ticket in learning how to read more efficiently.

Abstract thinking is one of the most significant aspects a child could learn with significant play. Most children develop their problem solving skills and creative thinking by using various toys as a symbol of things adults use in real life. Small blocks become buildings and a TV remote control becomes a cellular phone. Everything becomes possible and little things come to life putting magic to every situation, place and experiences your kids could ever imagine.

Romary is an exceptional freelance writer, professional health care provider and a mother. She loves writing articles on relationships, family, kids and parenting.

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Pamper Your Nails At Home

One of the biggest appeals to having a manicure is the relaxing feeling you get from having your hands soaked and pampered.  The good news is, you don’t need to dish out money to an expensive salon to get this pampered feeling at home.  

You can create your own home manicure treatment by combining a tablespoon of olive oil with an equal amount of sea salt.  Get your towels and moisturizer ready, and prepare to indulge yourself with your specialized nail spa.

Before you begin, remove any polish from your fingernails, and wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oil or dirt.  You can shape or shorten your nails using an emery board, being careful to file in one direction at a time.  The back and forth sawing action damages your nails and reduces their strength, which can lead to splitting or breakage.  

Soak your nails in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles.  Next, apply your homemade spa mixture of olive oil and sea salt.  This works to exfoliate the skin and cuticles and reveal new skin cells.  Let your exfoliant mixture set on your fingernails for about ten minutes or so before thoroughly rinsing it off.  Follow up by using a warm, damp, flannel cloth to gently push back the cuticles to reveal the crescent of your nails.  Apply your favourite nail oil or moisturizer, and allow to soak in for a few minutes, before carefully removing any excess from the nail itself.

Once you have finished and thoroughly dried your nails with a soft cloth, you will have clean fresh nails and healthy cuticles, ready and waiting for your favourite nail hardener or nail polish.  

Home manicures are a great way to pamper yourself any time of the day.  It’s also a fabulous activity for bridal showers or baby showers, as your guests can all enjoy a little relaxing nail treatment, without the expense of traditional nail salons.  

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Lose Stomach Fat In Your 50s – Why Fruit Juices Make You Fat

Millions of people sit down to breakfast with a glass of fruit juice thinking it is full of healthy ingredients or they have it on hand in the refrigerator as a thirst quencher. Children grab a drink when they come home from school to drink with their favorite snack; people have it with their lunch rather than coffee or soda.

Many people are trying to be healthy and to give their bodies nutrients and parents are looking after the well being of their children. The trouble is, most commercial juices and fruit drinks do not carry a lot of goodness but rather are loaded with sugar, which will make you fat.

Too Much Sugar

Fruit is full of sugar in the form of fructose, but it is also full of healthy ingredients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Check the label of any commercially produced fruit juice and you will find there is a high sugar content. Many of them sound good – organic or squeezed daily – but by the time they are processed and bottled, most of the goodness has gone. You are left with another sugary drink, which will add to your stomach fat. Sure, it is better to drink a fruit juice rather than a soda, but not much better.

Commercially produced fruit juice should not be part of any health plan. It is much better to take the time to eat the fruit and get the full goodness or to buy a juicer and do it yourself. That way you retain the fiber in the fruit. This important to any health program, particularly when you are trying to lose stomach fat, as it helps with elimination. Proper elimination is vital in staying healthy and to losing weight. The body needs to rid itself of waste and toxins. Fiber helps to do this.

What To Drink?

Fresh juice you have squeezed yourself is the best, but you are not going to drink it all day long – if you have too much you are getting too much sugar anyway. Freshly squeezed juice does not retain its goodness for long, so it needs to be drunk when it is freshly squeezed. Water and green tea are the best drinks. Water helps with elimanation and should form an important part of a health plan. Water flushes the system, gets rid of the toxins and helps breakdown fat. Green tea has some caffeine in it, so it gives you a lift, but it is full of antioxidants, which are vital to good health.

Fruit juices do make you fat, which it sits on your middle. If you a re trying to lose stomach fat, stay away from commercial juices.

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