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Most Stupid Quotes of Celebrity

It is certain that celebrities are seen as most carefully people in their speech. However, sometimes, they also make unexpected mistakes in their quote. Their most stupid quotes have immediately become hot topic for newspapers and magazines. Let’s have a look at dumbest celebrity quotes.


“I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don’t know into what religion yet.” – David Beckham

“I don’t know much about football. I know what a goal is, which is surely the main thing about football.” – Victoria Beckham

“Where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?” – Christina Aguilera

“I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” – Greg Norman, Golfer

“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.” Britney Spears (Canada can’t be considered overseas)

“Wal-mart… Do they, like, make walls there?”- Paris Hilton

“I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.” California governor Arnold S

“Is this chicken what I have or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says chicken.” – Jessica Simpson

Brooke Shields Quote: “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life”

“Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” – Mariah Carey, pop singer

“I don’t diet. I just don’t eat as much as I’d like to.”- Linda Evangelista, Supermodel




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Commodity Futures Quotes – Have You Thought About Charting Software?

In March, oil had fallen to around $ 50.00 a barrel and many expected it to go even lower. However, in defiance of such optimistic expectations, oil started to rise and as of this writing oil has risen to $ 66.33 per barrel. At least one member of OPEC is predicting a rise to $ 75.00 per barrel in the very near future. While such a rise and predicted rises are bad news for consumers, they are good news for investors in commodities and rising oil prices are indicators of what many experts are saying will be continued increases in commodity futures prices for the next 12 to 20 years. Thus, if you are investing in commodities, then commodity futures quotes are important to you and charting software is the best tool to help you keep up with this ever changing data.

There are many factors which suggest a rise in oil and other commodities prices to continue such as instability in some oil producing countries which point to a possible shortage at a time when India and China are becoming hungrier consumers – hungry for oil and gas as well as for food. Food is one of the leading components of commodity exchanges and as demand increases, so does the prices of goods needed by a growing global population and expanding consumer base. Then there is the threat of inflation as a necessary byproduct of the global economy meltdown. Even though politicians and economists alike are talking about the beginning of the end to the global economic crisis later this year, some economists are worried about rising inflation. And although inflation might be a bad thing for some, it is a good event for commodities if it causes a rise in prices.

Some investment advisers have documented that commodities prices move in certain patterns which can be charted and doing so helps you to spot when it is about to break one way or the other – go higher or fall lower. Commodity futures quotes help you to see where a commodities price is at any given moment. Charts help you to make sense of that raw data and to know when a commodity is about to break one way or the other.

Learning to invest wisely could be one of the best decisions you make for you and your family. To learn more about commodity trading basics visit our website at

Zinc and Vitamin C – The Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

What we consume is one of the key defences against contracting colds. A healthy diet which includes balanced amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables will go a long way to strengthening your immune system thereby helping you to fight off colds and flu. Despite the millions of cases contracted each year, there is still not an effective cure for the common cold. Research has however suggested that introducing zinc into your diet may go some way to lessening the duration of the virus. Also highlighted were high levels of stress as being a contributory factor to contracting the common cold.

Some of the best dietary sources to obtain zinc include liver, eggs, red meat and oysters and it is widely believed that increasing your consumption of vitamin C can help reduce the symptoms when you have contracted a cold.

Although no clinical evidence is available to suggest this is correct, many people have tried the vitamin C remedy and found it to be effective. Increasing your intake of vitamin C to a moderate level will not do you any harm over short periods. Once you’ve contracted the cold try taking 2 to 3 g of vitamin C each day for a seven day period to see if this helps to alleviate your symptoms.

It is important to caution however the very large doses of vitamin C categorised as more than 4 g per day, should not be taken over extended periods given the possibility of causing kidney stones. Women in pregnancy should not take increased doses of vitamin C for fear of causing damage to your unborn child.

Being highly contagious, colds and flu derive from a viral infection ordinarily spread through the nose via sneezing and by the virus being present on your hands. The cold virus present upon your hands can survive for many hours and therefore it is always wise to wash your hands frequently should you or individuals around you, be suffering from cold or flu symptoms. Your chances of contracting the cold or flu virus has shown to be increased through excess stress levels, exhaustion, and depression all of which have been shown to lower your body’s resistance. The old wives tale around sitting in a draft causing you a cold is a common misconception and is not true.

Medical physicians suggest that if you have contracted a cold or flu that you consume moderate amounts of fluids, at least 6 to 8 glasses a day. This helps to prevent the effects of dehydration. Drink plenty of water and warm drinks made with fruit juices of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and the honey helps to relieve your sore throat. The traditional cold remedy called the hot toddy is made from lemon juice, honey and a small measure of alcohol added to boiling water. There is no scientific evidence to suggest this remedy is effective but it certainly provides comfort and is a soothing drink which may help you to relax and sleep.

Inhaling hot steam to relieve your sinuses is an effective way to unblock your nose. Place a bowl of hot water on a table and sit down with a towel over your head to trap the steam and inhale the vapours for a few minutes at a time. You can also add some decongesting eucalyptus oil to the water to help speed up the process.

Give your body time to rest and recover when suffering from cold or flu. If you continue to carry out your normal daily duties you will hinder the body’s efforts to combat the virus whilst at the same time helping to spread its infection to other people. Finally, when you feel you recovered sufficiently, go for a brisk walk and take in some fresh air.

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Satellite Internet – A Writer’s Muse and Best Friend

It’s amazing what you can find out through the internet these days. It’s actually spectacular how the internet can quickly root out the solution to many problems old and new. For one thing, the internet serves to connect us all. It connects us with friends and families, even if they’re scattered all over the world, miles and continents apart. With satellite internet, you can keep up with your flashpacking pal in the jungles of Brazil or in the Bolivian salt flats. Besides keeping us connected with our (not so) nearest and dearest, satellite internet also gives us freedom. It gives us the freedom to venture far from home and yet never be more than a click or two away from our loved ones. It gives us the freedom to learn and try new things we never would have even thought of before. It gives us the freedom to explore who we are and participate in enlightened conversations with people from all walks of life. It gives us the freedom to join new communities and make new friends and acquaintances.

For those who call writing their trade, satellite internet is truly indispensible. The wide world web is filled with bits of inspiration. There, you can read the latest articles from your favorite newspapers and magazines. You can gaze, eyes wide open in awe at photographs taken in far off exotic locales-imagine beautiful Venetian sunsets, stunning Galapagos island creatures snapped in an elegant contrast of black and white, towering skyscrapers and magnificent New York City bridges, jacaranda trees lining the spring streets of Buenos Aires, children playing in a Bombay fountain, etc. Satellite internet transports you to different worlds, each and every one more fantastical than the next.

With a high speed satellite broadband connection, you’ll be able to download photos and video journals without having to wait hours and hours on end. You’ll easily be able to socialize and chat with fellow writers from all over the world-there are numerous organizations and communities geared just for writers, whose web pages have proven to be quite helpful to many aspiring and established writers alike.

Of course, besides providing instant inspiration, endless reams of information at your finger tips, and hundreds of social networks to get involved in, satellite broadband also is perfect for writers looking for their next gig. With a high speed internet connection, writers can send out dozens or even hundreds of resumes a day. They can quickly research potential clients and make phone calls at the same time. They can set up their own web pages and blogs to advertise their services. They can commune with their fellow scribes and come up with joint projects. Research becomes a whole lot easier too. Writers can very easily access library databases and download articles for free. Finding obscure books and other necessary writer’s accoutrements is much easier, as there are millions of unique online boutiques offering everything from 14th century maps to special Chinese ink sets.

With satellite internet, the world is yours.

Dial-up is no longer the only option. You can access the advanced power of high-speed broadband through satellite internet service. There are lots of great Hughes internet packages currently available, so check them out today.

Spread Magical Pixie Powder in a Sexy Tinkerbell Costume

Anyone who has ever seen a Disney TV show or film knows who Tinkerbell is. At first only a supporting role described by her creator, J.M. Barrie, as a common fairy, Tinkerbell has since evolved to become the widely recognized unofficial mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

While she may look and act like a child in her appearances on the big screen, Tink has the body of a woman, curves and all, and wears clothes to show it off. This is what makes a Sexy Tinkerbell Costume such a good costume for Halloween and theme parties. If you’re looking to showboat a little skin to catch the attention of a man, or possibly to make your women friends a little envious, then this outfit is the right match for you.

There are a wide assortment of Tinkerbell costumes out there. Having said that, they are all based on the plain yet daring green petal dress. Complement with a pair of fairy wings, a matching green hair piece and a pair of ballet shoes with white pom poms on, and you’re off to Neverland with Wendy and Peter.

Whenever you’re searching for the right Tinkerbell outfit, be sure that the one you select to wear comes with high quality fairy wings. You want sparkling nylon wings that aren’t too floppy.  They can be any color, but white, blue or purple look great. Steer clear of costumes that don’t come with the fairy wings, otherwise you may have a tough time getting any that aren’t childrens sizes.

If you want to really stand out, then add a bit body glitter on yourself, your hair and your costume. You can buy body glitter at just about any cosmetic store. Try to get the glitter make-up that is sold with a brush. It will make applying so much easier.

The Sexy Tinkerbell Costume is great for Halloween, theme parties, or fancy dress birthday parties. Not only does it look terrific, it can truly liven up a dull room. If you aren’t the creative or crafty type, do not stress, you can easily pay for one.

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Quotes About Hope

Quotes about Hope

If you need some hope, look for the good in others, in yourself, and in your Maker. At various times throughout life, there are setbacks and tragedies. These bad things are part of being human. The hope is what keeps us going and helps us to find happiness and joy in the suffering.

Instead of running from pain and suffering, we should embrace it. Why? It allows the soul to mourn and finally to heal properly. The whole process is somewhat complicated and different for everyone. However, there are things that can help.


Prayer can bring hope to those filled with despair. The very act of prayer helps you to go outside of yourself and focus on the positive. If you are in deep despair, you can at least pray for hope and it will come. Prayer has a keen way of focusing the mind and helping us to stop focusing on self. This act, alone, helps humans to break out of the ego or pain like state.

Doing Things

If you want more hope, it is important to keep doing things. Even the little things like keeping your car clean or going on a bike ride will infuse a lighter spirit. That’s why it is good to do little things for others that need hope. Having the little things done, in life, makes everything a little easier to do.

Quotes of Hope

It’s good to have information about how to be hopeful. Quotes are often a good source of inspiration. For example, humor enlightens the mind, lifts the spirit, and comes at will. It’s the sure fire way to live life. And, hope is something you get from God and yourself. It can’t be handed to you.

Positive Stories

It is also a good idea to tell yourself hopeful stories. Did you ever work for something important and get it? Do you feel a certain joy when helping others or when doing good? Telling yourself some positive things can also help you find hope.

Where there is light there is also truth and with truth comes hope because truth tells a wonderful story.

For further information, please visit Quotes About Hope

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