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Robert Pattinson among the most powerful celebrities

Robert Pattinson, a 24-year-old English actor, has gain worldwide fame thanks to Twilight series. With the role as Edward Cullen, Robert has earned about 17 million dollars within recent 12 months. Not only does he become a notable name in the entertainment world but the success of this role helps Robert get to No. 50 in the list of 100 most powerful celebrities in the world as well. This is the first time vampire Edward Cullen has been on the list of the most influential stars. His girlfriend, Kristen Stewart who acts as Bella Swan, has earned total revenue of up to 12 million dollars. Kristen is currently ranked at No. 66 in the list.


Robert Patttinson


Let’s check out other most powerful celebrities.


Oprah Winfrey – 315 million dollars


Beyonce Knowles – 87 million dollars


James Cameron – 210 million dollars


Lady Gaga – 62 million dollars


Tiger Woods – 105 million dollars


Britney Spears – 64 million dollars


U2 – 130 million dollars


Sandra Bullock – 56 million dollars


Johnny Depp – 75 million dollars


Madonna – 58 million dollars



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Read About Shower Heads and Steam Pumps

Numerous gadgets are flowing into the market as a result of man’s quest to increase the comfort of his day to day life. Many products have become a part of our daily life due to their capability in extending convenience and comfort to us. Shower heads and steam pumps too make our life more cozy and convenient. Hence consumers have accepted them with open hands.

An energizing bath needs a free flowing shower. Blockages and restricted water flow takes off the pleasure out of bathing. Shower heads have an important part in providing you revitalizing bathing bliss. Many renowned brands produce heads that are efficient and durable. tre marcati curved traditional shower arm, tre mercati overhead, and the Sagittarius Venturi fixed head and arm kit are some of the popular shower heads available in the market. Some heads are incorporated with a concrete gall structure to provide an inhibited flow of water. Penitentiaries and sports houses uses anti vandal shower-heads. Unlike delinquent showers, vandal heads can be installed in an uncovered manner.

Different varieties of shower heads are available in the market. Some produce a strong jet of water while others give out a slow single water stream. There are heads that create water streams to your needed variable patterns. A good quality shower-head is indispensable to complete the most luxurious bathrooms. 
Steam pumps hand out a variety of purposes across a number of diverse industries. They are also known as direct acting pumps. Industrial pumps can be made use to blend liquids in large scale food processing units. The task can be done efficiently and fast with the aid of industrial steam pumps.

These are used in residential and commercial locales to drain out flooded areas. They are invaluable for their ability in emptying septic tanks and sump tanks. Steam condensate pumps and centrifugal steam-pumps are the two widely used pumps.

Steam pumps comprises of counter steam and a liquid pumping end. They are built together as a unit. Educating yourself in detail about pumps will serve you positively in many occasions.

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Bathroom Remodel Quote

Before undertaking a bathroom remodel, it is necessary to get a bathroom remodel quote. This will go a long way in helping you make a budget for your bathroom remodel project and will also aid you in deciding what part of the remodeling to stick with and which to ditch.

A bathroom remodel project can be a complex one particularly if you are redesigning the whole bathroom or doing some more complicated work that involves plumbing or electrical work. In such a case, it is most expedient for you to work with a bathroom remodel company.

Before you decide on a particular bathroom remodel company, you should scout around for reputable companies that have a history of delivering high quality professionally done work on time. When you have narrowed down a list of bathroom remodel companies, request a bathroom remodel quote from each. This should help you in your decision on what company to work with.
Getting bathroom remodel quotes from multiple bathroom remodeling firms is a straightforward affair and sometimes as simple as going to their websites on the internet and filling in your information. The challenge arises when you have not yet decided what form your bathroom remodeling project should take.

If you plan to just make surface changes or light alterations, it would reflect as much in any quote you will get from a remodeling firm. That would also apply if you choose to make more complex changes such as resizing or a complete overhaul of the amenities in the bathroom.

Your bathroom remodel quote should feature your plans and design for the bathroom including light fixtures, tiling jobs and any other related change. Bear in mind that even though most bathroom remodeling firms are willing to consult with you in order to come up with a solution for your bathroom that would be satisfactory to you, you need to have  clear idea of what you want in your bathroom.

To aid you in this, browse home improvement sites on the internet as some come equipped with pictures to help guide you. Also go through current home improvement magazines to get ideas about trends and styles. Sometimes, something as simple as an added accent to your tiling job can change the look of your bathroom.

You also need to determine what you want to change completely and on what you just want a little enhancement work done. For instance you might decide to carry out a reglaze of your bath tub instead of replacing it with a brand new one.

Once you have a clear idea of the design you want in your bathroom and what changes you are willing to make to achieve that design, go ahead and request a bathroom remodel quote from the firms you have narrowed down. Be sure to compare prices and quality of material to be used before you make up your mind. Regardless of how much more affordable a particular firm is, research their reputation before you give them your job.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements. For more information on getting a Bathroom Remodel Quote , visit the Bath Remodel Services section of the Sears Home Services website or call 1-866-238-5142.

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quot;China Pearl genuine signs” that trademark rules – Pearl – Jewelry Industry

Chapter I General Provisions In order to promote the “China Pearl “The breeding, processing, management, improve product quality, maintain and improve the” pearl “in the domestic market, credit, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of users and consumers, according to” The People’s Republic of China Trademark Law, “” The People’s Republic of China Trademark Law Implementing Regulations “and the State Administration for Industry” collective marks and certification Trademark registration And management measures, “the enactment of this rule.

Second of the certification mark is by the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office registered certification marks for that “pearl” of a particular quality.

Third china gem is a registered trademark of the show who enjoyed the exclusive right of the certification mark.

Fourth for the use of the certification mark shall be in accordance with the provisions of this rule, the examination and approval by the Gemmological Association of China.

Chapter conditions of use certification mark Article

use the certification mark of the pearls come from Chinese rivers, lakes, sea quality mussels, shellfish by product of metabolism.

Article VI to use the certification mark of the Pearl features: line of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a national standard GB/T18781-2002.

Article VII also meet the above conditions of use pearl operator may apply to use the certification mark.

Chapter III that the use of trade mark application process

Article VIII for the user to use the certification mark of the Gemmological Association of China shall submit a “certificate to use application.”

Article china gem from the applications received after the applicant submits, within 60 days following the examination:

1, Gemmological Association of China, the products sent to the applicant site visits, and product testing.

2, after detection and comprehensive hearing, a written audit opinion.

3, meet the conditions of use of the certification mark should handle the following matters:

The two sides signed the “Certification Mark License Contract “;

Applicant to receive “certification mark Zhunyong Zheng”;

Applicant to receive that trademark; The applicant to pay management fees.

Applicant is not allowed to use Article X of the certification mark may, within 15 days of receipt of notice review submissions, appeals to the administrative department for industry and commerce, Gemmological Association of China to respect the views of industry and commerce administration department of the ruling.

Article of the certification mark licensing contract is valid for one year, due to the user, shall be 25 days before the expiry of the contract to the Gemmological Association of China put forward the application to renew the contract, the applicant fails, the contract expires may not be used after the trademark.

Chapter IV certification mark to be licensed users of the rights and obligations

Article XII of the certification mark is licensed users of the right to:

1, in the packaging of their products or use the certification mark;

2, using the certification mark to products Advertisement Advocacy;

3, the priority to participate in or co-organized by China’s technology Gemmological Train , Trading Fair, information exchange activities;

4, use the certification mark to supervise the management fees;

5, the Gemmological Association of China procedure, management approach to recommendations or comments.

Article XIII of the certification mark is licensed users of the obligations:

1, maintaining that the mark represents that unique quality of pearl products, quality and market reputation, to ensure stable product quality pearl;

2, receiving Gemmological Association of China from time to time on the pearl product quality inspection and supervision of a certification mark used to support quality inspection, supervision and personnel work;

3, the user of the certification mark should be specifically responsible for the management of trademarks that use of the work to ensure that the certification trademark is not out of control, not to divert, not loss, not transferred to others, the sale of the certification mark logo shall not permit others to use the certification mark;

4, and timely feedback to the Gemmological Association of China, “China’s Pearl,” the quality of information and consumers represented by the certification mark to reflect the quality of pearl products.

Chapter Management Certification Mark Gemmological Association of China article XIV of the certification mark of the management, responsible for “certification mark use and management rules,” the formulation and implementation, responsible for the use of the certification mark of the products a full range of track management, make pearl products quality supervision and inspection work, and to assist industry and commerce administration departments for processing infringement, counterfeiting cases.

Gemmological Association of China and Article XV of the certification mark is licensed to use licensing contracts were signed, sent to the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office reference purposes, for the record.

Gemmological Association of China, Article XVI for permission to use that mark the work of the scientific, solemnity, impartiality, authoritative, honest invited to supervise the relevant departments and social organizations also accept and deal with the use of the certification mark pearl product consumer complaints.

Chapter VI that trademark protection Article XVII of the certification mark protection under the law, if such act is counterfeit and infringement, the Gemmological Association of China will Organization Collection of evidence, and reporting units and individuals who need incentives.

The 18th Article of the Gemmological Association of China without the permission of pearl products and their packaging without authorization to use the certification mark with the same or similar trademarks, the Gemmological Association of China will follow the “PRC Trademark Law” and the regulations and rules, to draw industrial and commercial administrative departments shall investigate, or to the people’s courts; on serious cases which constitute a crime, reported to the judicial organ shall investigate the criminal responsibility of perpetrators.

The 19th Article of the certification mark of the user that breaches the rules of the Gemmological Association of China the right to withdraw its “certificate Zhunyong Zheng”, and has received certification mark logo, terminate the user’s certification mark license contract; when necessary, request the investigation and handling the administration for industry, or seek judicial termination route.

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions Diershitiao use the certification mark of the specific standards of management fees by the Gemmological Association of China and report to relevant departments in accordance with relevant State regulations for approval and implementation.

Article 1 of the certification mark of the management fees earmarked mainly for the printing of that trademark, detection products, accepting certification mark complaints and gathering evidence and information to prove cases of trademark, etc., to ensure that the certification mark products

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From Pods to Mobs

Podcasts (audio that can be downloaded and played on the iPod) have redefined the listening experience. Not only can you find thousands of very specialized content—from audio books like Speak French in Thirty Days to stand-up comedy routines to the latest song from a bluegrass band—but you can customize your playlist, and choose exactly when you’re ready to hear it. It’s audio on the go.

Podcasts have been designed to play on the iPod, but the popularity has moved mobile phone manufacturers to allow mobilecasts. These are podcasts that are played on the cell phone. After all, cell phones have made great strides in terms of storage capacity and audio quality. Many ringtones actually parallel the kind of sounds you’d get while listening to the radio.

What’s missing? High speed phone networks which could carry the information, and memory capacity. MP3 files can be too large for a standard mobile network to manage, so the podcast had to be reformatted for easier download. There’s also the question of why people would want to hear a podcast on the phone. What kind of content streams would be interesting to them, enough to go through the extra hassle of reformatting a podcast file?

Several companies have risen to the challenge. They are creating podcasts specifically for mobile phones. One of the steps they have taken is to create shorter segments, usually on a very focused topic. Information is shortened into news snippets, or divided into chunks that people can listen to for a minute at a time.

Also, these companies reviewed the kind of information people would want to get from a mobile phone. The iPod has made it easy for people to download and play information—in fact, the convenience is one of the biggest selling factors. What would prompt them to use another medium, instead of just hearing it over their trusty pod?

Studies and surveys shows that there was a market for those who were very busy and needed immediate information, something that would help them in a pressing decision. The iPod is still largely seen as a product to relax with, and isn’t always carried around. It can be left in an office drawer, or zippered into a gym bag pocket. But people always bring their cell phones with them. A mobile cast would then have to provide a kind of immediacy, a quick solution to a problem that can’t wait. This could be a restaurant review (right before they decide where to have dinner), news headlines, or stock changes.

One of the big players in the mobilecasting industry is Melodeo, which introduced the Mobilcast application. Once installed in a mobile phone, it enables listeners to browse podcast catalogs. Pod2Mob also offers a service that lets people stream a podcast to a phone, using the WAP browser, and managing the files on the PC. Another company,

Juice Wireless, is also in the process of perfecting a technology that will let users create audio or video files and then stream it through the mobile network. supplies easy to use podcasting software and provides tips on podcasting and information about creating podcasts.

Top five most attractive women COSER

Top five most attractive women COSER


They have a lot of classic animation COS characters in the game, they use their own interpretation of the body’s love for these roles. Perhaps we only remember those who wear sexy cosplay costumes like Mai Shiranui, Chun Li, Laura, etc., but today, we take a look at these wonderful performances to our top ten most attractive women Cosplayer.

1、Pixie Kitty

Kitty is a pure win Cosplayer, her dress selected objects are almost perfect, first saw her Cos witches, see people get goose bumps. In fact, it seems people had goose bumps the whole body, changed from the cute sexy or evil she handled very well. Of course, many cute styles of dress according to Meng Department are also very good, more of her work can visit her Web site, will surely feast for the eyes.


Adella Cos known is the role of the famous “Final Fantasy 7” in the Aerith, and Adella Cos famous role is not just Ayres, she has many impressive works have shown her the dress was quite good, most important thing is most of her photo shoot dressed very well, supporting the scene and mood was surprisingly good match, and even your sense of sight is true.


She is Indonesian Cosplayer, has represented Indonesia, Japan, won the 2009 AFA Award Cos take a look at her past works, there would be no wonder why she would honor, and she often choose online games and video game characters to dress up Some in our view will find it very out of place, but in fact, she is such a cannot become possible Cosplayer.


Saya is perhaps Japan in the world’s most famous Cosplayer, Cos most of her animation and video games, her role that Cos there are men and women, and the convincing performance, each dress photos are filling their Cosplay am the only real pursuit, she is very unassuming but which are not vested with the female Cosplayer.

5、Hikaru Jan

The genius of Japanese Cosplayer shoes, cosplay wigs so almost all the necessary props are made by her. Players like himself very devoted to her that the spirit of cosplay! She even once encouraged her fiance with her Cosplay, role players such dedication is the most valuable asset, but also to become a truly interactive Cosplay. It is said that she recently committed to Bayonetta’s cosplay costumes work, looking forward to her performance!

Source: Post on on Oct 6, 2010.

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