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Write to Speak Or Speak to Write? The Blurring of Writing and Speaking

If you want to improve your speaking skills, I suggest that you do some more writing. If you sit down and write out a speech, and then continue to edit it, while visualizing your speech, this will help you become a better speaker. And if you are having a coffee shop conversation with a friend and recall that conversation when doing your writing you will note that your writing looks more like a conversation or discussion, and your reader will notice this and they will enjoy it.

Writing in this way looks as if you’re speaking to the reader, and it is more pleasurable to read. If you doubt this go ahead read an article in a magazine and the articles that like, will be the ones in which it appears that the writers are talking to you. You can almost picture the person on the other side of the table having a conversation and makes you feel good you enjoy reading it. This is what I’m talking about.

Whether you decide to write to speak better, or use speaking to improve your writing, you will indeed end up doing both. The blurring of writing and speaking will improve your overall communication with the rest of the world. It will improve your telephone conversations so that you get to the point quicker and with more emphasis.

It will also prevent people from misunderstanding what you are trying to say. Writing skills help people in everyday communication. Those people who are really good speakers also note that their writing starts improving because when they speak to people they watch the facial feedback, and they start to understand which types of sentences and words provoke the proper reaction, and by using this knowledge to improve their writing; they find their skills expand exponentially. I hope you will consider blurring your speaking and writing communication skills.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

They are actually rehearsing throughout camp

Baltimore Ravens Jerseys Onlineshop webeditor report:

John Beck overthrew Anthony Armstrong on a deep route,and Kareem Moore was there to haul within interception. subsequent play, Beck rolled left but pass coverage downfield was tight. He threw across field to Shay Hodge for amodest gain.– 9:30 a.m. ETGano within a RushIn extraordinary night clubs part of practice, the area objective product practiced rushing on to the area with time winding down near to the fixture clock.The offense lined up and long snapper Nick Sundberg quickly snapped the ball to holder Josh Bidwell.Graham Gano kicked.It was obviously a seamless operation.

(They are actually rehearsing throughout camp.)Gano created all seven of his field objective efforts while in the session, this kind of as two from 52 yards.– 10:05 a.m. ETRedskins within Red ZoneBall placed near to the 20-, 10- and 5-yard lines within a sequence of drills.Some notable plays: Rex Grossman threw a best fade pass to Devin Thomas within accomplish zone for just about any touchdown. Thomas conquer Byron Westbrook in coverage. subsequent play, Grossman fired a pass to Anthony Armstrong at the objective line, nevertheless the ball bounced far from his arms — perhaps thrown too hard? – and in to the air. At the back once more using the accomplish zone stood Logan Paulsen, who gathered within ball for just about any touchdown. Rocky McIntosh obtained in placement to tackle Keiland Williams on a short pass for the left. Same play, diverse players, same result: London Fletcher obtained in placement to tackle Darrel Young on a short pass for the left. Bobby Wade lined up within slot and caught a fast pass from Richard Bartel. He raced in to the accomplish zone untouched for just about any score.

Then Wade leaped increased and dunked the ball above the objective post. Will Robinson obtained a strong push in opposition to a hard-charging Lorenzo Alexander – but he pushed him correct into Bartel within pocket. Bartel eluded Alexander and scrambled up-field.– 10:20 a.m. ETBuchanon And the RookieDuring red zone work, Phillip Buchanon flashed his athleticism on several plays.Both periods Buchanon victimized rookie Shay Hodge.Buchanon, a wiry 9-year veteran, slapped a pass apart from Hodge, who appeared to have gotten free within accomplish zone. Buchanon utilised his unusually long arms to obtain for the ball first.Later, Buchanon slapped apart nonetheless another accomplish zone pass to Hodge. This time the ball was thrown increased but Buchanon leaped up in the front of Hodge to knock the pass away.This was obviously a veteran schooling a rookie.– 10:30 a.m.

ETOn the objective LineRemember Wednesday’s practice? It ended at the objective range when Anderson Russell knocked Logan Paulsen outside of bounds at the 1-yard line.Paulsen claimed he scored, but he was overruled.Thursday’s work out ended, appropriately enough, with several goal-line plays. Larry Johnson took a handoff and adopted good blocking by Jammal Brown and Fred Davis for the right. He slipped in to the accomplish zone for just about any touchdown. Blown coverage by the defense enables Paulsen to obtain extensive open up within left part using the accomplish zone. He catches Donovan McNabb’s soft toss for the score.

Willie Parker did not happen across loads of running space on a operate up the middle. He danced near to tacklers – he perhaps would are actually brought down if hitting was permitted – and slithered his way in to the accomplish zone. Rex Grossman rolled left and tossed a short pass to Lee Vickers at the objective line. Coverage was late and Vickers crossed the objective range for just about any touchdown.– 10:36 a.m. ET’CAMP’S OVER!’The horn sounds, and with that work out is above and training camp is over.Players huddle within middle using the area for just about any very last term from Mike Shanahan.A participant abruptly shouts out, “CAMP’S OVER!”For veterans, of course, the accomplish of camp signifies they are in a position to abandon the group location and return residence to their families.Rookies and roster hopefuls will likely continue being within location or happen across temporary housing.– 10:50 a.m. ETKemo’s ThoughtsTraining camp has happen to an end, and abandon it to Ma’ake Kemoeatu to sum up the veteran’s thoughts.

“Last morning hours of camp is sad…but oh well!” Kemoeatu said, laughing.Kemoeatu explained that camp in real truth continues via the accomplish of preseason. that is when the roster is finalized.”Camp even now goes on until the very last preseason game,” he said. “Regular few of years begins then, and then camp is officially finished. But besides that, it have been enjoyment to understand the enthusiasts right here arriving out to help the team. It have been good.”– 11:05 a.m. ETHaynesworth even now near to the FieldThe greater number of players have either long gone in to the locker space or hosted advertising sessions subsequent practice.A few, as an occasion Graham Gano and Reed Doughty, are signing autographs.And then there is Albert Haynesworth, functioning near to the much field with defensive range coach Jacob Burney.

This has move out to become a common web web site at training camp.He’s even now learning the terminology and getting individual reps within Redskins’ 3-4 scheme.That’s what takes place when you neglect offseason work.– 11:25 a.m. ETKelly UpdateHead coach Mike Shanahan often known as Malcolm Kelly’s absence from Thursday’s work out a “personal matter.”It have been a disappointing camp for Kelly.He have been sidelined since the 3rd morning hours of training camp getting a lingering hamstring injury.He is unlikely to become readily available for Saturday’s preseason fixture in opposition to the Baltimore Ravens.Earlier this week, Shanahan recommended Kelly could perhaps be in “danger” of dropping his roster spot.”He cannot work out therefore he cannot show me anything,” Shanahan said. “He’s accomplishing every thing he can with his treatment to obtain that hamstring increased knowning that is all he can do. What he does not would want to make an effort to do is rush himself back once more too fast and he sets himself back.”He’s accomplishing every thing we’re asking him to make an effort to do and he’ll get an chance a minimal of within subsequent day to happen back once more complete speed. that could be pretty reliable to say — probably not this game, nevertheless the subsequent week.”– 11:30 a.m. ETCamp At Redskins ParkMike Shanahan has explained several periods that he has loved holding training camp at Redskins Park, the team’s year-round facility.Earlier within offseason, he experienced considered as holding training camp with a school or university in Maryland or Virginia.”It’s worked out pretty effectively here,”Shanahan explained on Aug. 5. “We’ve obtained everyone staying within two miles using the facility [at a hotel]. its just like a camp for them.”On Thursday, Shanahan remarked that closing camp at the year-round facility felt diverse than closing camp with a school or university. (He in no way kept training camp at residence even although he was head coach using the Denver Broncos.)Instead using the whole group busing a tremendous choice of miles back once more to Northern Virginia, players just obtained within their motors outside Redskins Park and drove residence individually.”The players are grateful the 2-a-days are above with, I can ensure that,”he added. “They go back once more to some common schedule where they’re in real truth rehearsing identical way that you just would in real truth rehearsing while in the season.”They obtain a whole lot much less time in mini’s plus a whole lot much more time near to the field.So their bodies are title to really feel a minor bit of pressure.”– 11:35 a.m. ETOn DanielsPhillip Daniels participated in his 15th NFL training camp.He is definitely aware that this could perhaps be his last.Daniels was among players who stayed late to indication autographs for fans.Daniels is sensation confident in regards to the Redskins’ chances title in to the 2010 season.He is eager to rinse out the bad taste of 4-12 very last year. He does not want his career to complete on a sour note.”Our confidence amount is pretty exceptional correct now,” he said. “We do not would want to think about very last year. We would want to proceed forward. it is a whole new year.”– 11:40 a.m.

ETMore From ShanahanApart from Malcolm Kelly’s lingering hamstring injury, the Redskins completed training camp with out any significant injuries.Jammal Brown missed time as a end result of stylish soreness and Albert Haynesworth was absent far from and on as a end result of knee soreness and hydration issues.”It begins using the off-season conditioning program,” Mike Shanahan said. “I think when you have an exceptional offseason, you are hoping that you just may perhaps limit some injuries. And if men do get injured they are in a position to happen back once more a minor faster offered that they’re in exceptional shape.”I think which has compensated dividends and hopefully we’ll perhaps be considered a minor fortunate via the sleep of the& preseason and stay apart from some injuries.”

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Alice in Wonderland Themed Costumes ? Great Halloween Costume Idea

Whether you have read the original book or watched the movie of Alice In Wonderland, I am very sure you still have a deep impression of the various characters in the story such as Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. As far as classic stories go, Alice in Wonderland has been an all time favorite for many today and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that maybe, you’d like to be Alice for Halloween this year! So why not dress up as one of the characters?

If you want to be on the cutting edge of popular costumes this year, you need to get your hands on an Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. These unique characters are going to be sprouting up at Halloween parties across the nation this year thanks to the wildly popular summer blockbuster starring Johnny Depp.

There will be many Alice in Wonderland themed costumes online this year and it’s very important that you find the best vendor with the right costume to suit your needs. While looking specifically for Alice in Wonderland themed costumes it’s important to make sure that you find an online vendor that has a variety of options as well as someone that carries plus size costumes, alongside their traditional selection.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Costumes: come with a dress featuring a light blue organza overlay, petticoat which is attached to the dress and a pair of glovettes with stripes. Alice, in the Tim Burton film, is now 19 years old and comes to learn that her purpose is to fix a broken world she came upon in a childhood dream. You do not have to be a child to put on this beautiful Halloween outfit since in the 2010 movie, the Alice returned to Wonderland when she was 19 years old.

Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume: is selling at a great deal. It comes with a brownish velvet jacket, an enormous size bow, a pair of pinstriped pants featuring stitched floral accent and a shirt front including the hat and the orange hair. Make sure you purchase the make-up, socks and shoes too to make your entire mat hatter Halloween outfit a perfect one!

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen Costume: comes with a dress with prints of heart, stand up collar and petticoat. Do you want to be nasty and be a bad queen this coming Halloween? Everyone wants to be this bad girl because she is also an interesting character thanks to the actress who plays her. This Halloween costume cannot be seen without the gold colored crown and so it is also included.

This Halloween is going to be all about Alice. Don’t miss out on this hot trend and get yourself Alice in Wonderland themed costumes soon before they’re all gone. You don’t want to be late, late, late for this very important date!

If you are looking to buy the perfect Alice In wonderland Themed Costumes for this Halloween season, Check out her latest website at Halloween Costumes Express Ideas now to discover how you can be in the limelight this Halloween!

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Romance Or Internet Love

Flowers and chocolate, romantic walks by the beach, watching the sunset side by side, champagne and quoted lines from Shakespeare’s love poems these are usually the images associated with old-fashioned romance. Even though many people still yearn for this kind of courtship, one cannot deny that technology has also changed the way we woo each other. Instead of sending your beloved your heart’s song penned down on perfumed paper, you can now send him text messages or emails. Instead of setting up a rendezvous in a blossoming courtyard, you can meet him in a local pub or even skip to the chase and meet in a hotel room.

Now, the question: Is one way of dating necessarily better than another?

Vintage Romance – Still a winner?

Many of our members still like Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn and the all the glitter and glamour of old Hollywood romance. Are you one of them? Don’t be embarrassed there are still plenty of romantics like yourself! Don’t listen to anyone who calls you old-fashioned or advises you to get with the times. There is nothing wrong with looking back at the past and longing for the standards that our parents (and grand grandparents) used. And why wouldn’t we? Back then, couples really knew what romance was. For instance, if a guy was really interested in a girl, he would visit with her almost every night bringing gifts sometimes not just for her, but also for her family. He would even endure many months of no hanky panky until everything was official. Notes were well thought out and written buy hand, and often delivered personally. Phone calls were lingering absolutely no shortened text messages!

Modern Love On line dating

However, a bigger percentage of our membership said that they prefer modern romance, driven by technology. Are the kind of person that appreciates the efficiency and instant-ness of emails, text messages, MMS, and on line dating? Do you find yourself cringing at old-fashioned flowers, love songs and slow dancing? If this sounds like you, then you are one of almost an entire generation. After all, even though love letters are still nice and all, emails are just more convenient. It’s much easier to synchronize dating schedules, express admiration, and even booty-call someone with a few clicks.

Another advantage of online dating and other modern romance methods is that it allows you to test the waters and find flings without investing too much time and effort. With online dating for example, you can meet people you find attractive, email them a little, and see how things go. You need not spend for a dinner out just to see if you have a connection with someone.

Whether you are looking for a serious, meaningful, sunset-and-champagne kind of relationship or you simply want to find someone to hook up with this weekend, our site is the perfect destination for you. Become a member now and see like minded daters looking for fun.

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New Report On Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents Added In Visionshopsters

The application and versatility of medical imaging modalities are continuing to grow in significance as the population ages and healthcare costs rise. Examinations that can facilitate earlier disease diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment are in order. This bodes well for contrast media markets.

Since our last round-up of the contrast media market, the economic environment in the world has changed. Although the recession may have caused hospitals, physician offices and other institutions to delay or cancel the purchase of imaging equipment, it has not had a significant negative impact on the use of contrast agents with the equipment already on hand. Specifically, annual growth for medical contrast media during the next five years appears to be strong, despite the recession slowing capital equipment purchases. Imaging exams are still needed for many diagnoses, and contrast enhancement facilitates diagnosis in many cases. Kalorama expects growth ranges to remain high.

This comprehensive study of the world market for contrast agents builds on the previous modality-focused reports of Kalorama’s medical imaging market reports. Coverage includes:

World and regional revenue forecasts for contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals by modality through 2012. (X-Ray, CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET, SPECT)

Market share of the major contrast agent supplers

Procedure volumes by modality and region

Estimates of the portion of procedures in each modality using contrast enhancement

Contrast-enhancement products in development

The report also discusses technical developments and emerging application trends such as therapeutic monitoring, whole body screening, and guided therapeutic interventions, and how contrast agents are helping to expand imaging’s role in basic research and drug discovery/development. Specific advances in contrast agent-enabled diagnostics for mammography, Alzheimer’s, and other indications are also reviewed.

The report concludes with profiles of top suppliers and developers including:

Acusphere Inc.

Alseres Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amag Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Aposense Ltd.

Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Inc.

Bayer Schering Pharma

Bracco SpA

Cell Point

Covidien Ltd.

Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Dendritic NanoTechnologies Inc.


Endocyte Inc.

Eusa Pharma

GE Healthcare

Guerbet Group

Hovione FarmaCiencia SA

Imcor Pharmaceutical Co.

Immunomedics Inc.

Insight Agents GmbH

King Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Luna nanoWorks


MDS Nordion

NanoScan Imaging

Palatin Technologies Inc.


Point Biomedical Corp.

Starpharma Holdings Ltd.

VisEn Medical Inc.

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Family Quotes, Inspirational Sayings, Quotes About Happiness

Great family quotes can be inspirational and insightful. Perhaps, you are not always on the best of terms with family members or even agree with each member of your family, but nor can you necessarily get along with just any person you. Enjoy the bonds of happiness and closeness that this collection of family quotes and sayings inspire.

Family Quotes
Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain. -Martin Mull

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? They have the same enemy– the mother. -Claudette Colbert

A man can’t make a place for himself in the sun if he keeps taking refuge under the family tree. -Helen Keller

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. -Alex Haley

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. -Thomas Jefferson

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. -George Burns

Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance. -Milton R. Saperstein

Family is the most important thing in the world. -Princess Diana

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’ve never been to a family reunion. -Ashleigh Brilliant

There is no such thing as fun for the whole family. -Jerry Seinfeld

Inspirational Quotes
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. -Albert Einstein

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. -Theodore Roosevelt

Inches make champions. Vince Lombardi

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. Seneca

Inspirational sayings are a great reminder of how to find inner strength. -Unknown

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. -W. Clement Stone

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. -Andrew Carnegie

Family Quotes
Inspirational Sayings
Quotes About Happiness