5 Interesting Facts On The History Of Rock Band Grateful Dead

By | October 2, 2016

Grateful Dead started as a group known as The Warlocks in 1964, got their name from a folklore dictionary, established the street party psychedelic music in the 60’s, changed the band name into The Dead in 2003, and is the 55th “Greatest Artist of All Time’ by the Rolling Stone’s list.

As Grateful Dead is popularly known for it’s eclectic style of music, the band is still grounded on the roots of San Francisco Sound. Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Ron Mckernan, and Bill Kreutzman are the core members of Grateful Dead. Grateful Dead band biography is generally contributed by the band’s dedicated followers known as the Deadheads. A compilation of recorded concerts and accounts of supporter’s experiences with the touring band became the basis of confirming the complete band biography.

Started as a group known as The Warlocks in 1964

The band started from the remaining members of a typical jug band in the early 60’s. Introducing as the “The Warlocks”, the band had their first performance on a pizza parlor in the suburbs of California in May 5, 1965. The band eventually changed the name into Grateful Dead in 1965 after finding out that the previous name was already used by another contracted band.

Got their name from a folklore dictionary

The name Grateful Dead was taken from a folklore dictionary by the band’s guitarist, Jerry Garcia. This version of the creation of the band name is according to the band’s music publisher. Other minor details on how the band name was created have various versions. One version said that while randomly finger pointing words on the dictionary, Jerry Garcia was smoking a psychedelic drug. One band member also recounted a version that the name was spontaneously taken from a page that fell while Jerry Garcia was picking a dictionary.

Established the street party psychedelic music in the 60’s

Grateful Dead’s musical influences are a fusion of rock, folk, blues, jazz, country, reggae and psychedelic melody. With the band’s various influences, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones became the mover on why they change into a rock band from being a jug band. The musical influences of each Grateful Dead members resulted to a street party psychedelic type of music. The band was a part of the formation of psychedelic music in the 60’s. Their music was used as a soundtrack in the 1970’s films such as Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty. The band was able to successfully performed in over 2,000 concerts and released various albums.

Changed the band name into The Dead in 2003

After 30 years of music the band disbanded on 1995 due to Jerry Garcia’s death. The remaining members continued in working with other musicians and producing albums. In 1998, the remaining members reunited and toured under the band name The Other Ones. After a series of album released and tours during the consecutive years, they decided to change their name into The Dead in 2003. the remaining core members of the Grateful Dead continued touring in 2009 as a band called The Dead.

55th “Greatest Artist of All Time’ by the Rolling Stone’s list

In 2007 The Grateful Dead received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. On behalf of Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart accepted the award. Grateful Dead is also ranked by the Rolling Stones as the 55th Greatest Artist of All Time.

The Deadheads are still actively supporting the new band of the Grateful Dead’s remaining members.

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