A Thoroughly Green Guide To Reach Chemical Free Cleaning

By | June 2, 2017

Presenting The Chemical Free Cleanliness Technologies

An introduction to the divers ways that ameliorate water to clean and disinfect just as well as the usual cleaning lab-created substances and the diverse commercial cleaning methods which render to full cleanliness without any artificial chemical solutions whatsoever.

Here are the ways to begin receiving the maximum benefits from the environmentally friendly cleansing revolution.

Electrolyzed Water

Activated water is common municipal water that has been subjected to a potent electric current that fortifies the water atoms. This empowered water has the new capability to stick to dirt and grease as would a magnet, and then returns to normal tap water in no more than one minute.

Ozone Solution

The recombination of oxygen molecules from the atmosphere into ozone or O3 then blending it into normal municipal water originates a ozone fluid that is as powerful as plain sodium hypochlorite bleach, but totally environmentally responsible. As with the electrolysis water, it swiftly returns to its standard fresh water state.

UV C Frequency Light

The UV C frequency light is widely implemented in a significant variety of hygienic situations, from hand held disinfectant devices to complex janitorial systems that eliminate germs with a very high level of efficiency.

Steam Dry Vapor

Vapor dry steam hygienic items not only disintegrate and sanitize away grease and soil, but these ways are also one of the few known methods to ridding bedding, upholstery, and carpets of populations of bed bugs and even dust mites.

PhotoHydroIonization (Hydrogen Peroxide)

Photocatalysis is the process of a mixing of differing minerals to an UV C type light, creating hydrogen peroxide. The thus created hydrogen peroxide elements exist for seven minutes on average before breaking down into harmless water and air motes. During their (7 minute duration, they will disinfect any pathogens they encounter.

HEPA Filtration

Specially crafted HEPA filtration products can be implemented in cleaning procedures that are able to trap particles as tiny as 0.3 micrometers in size.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The infinitesimal fibers that are wedge shaped trap dust when used dry, and can clean better than old fashioned rags that are soaked in hazardous detergents when moistened with just a small volume of (lukewarm regular tap water.

Discover The Many Alternative Techniques

The informative web site of the Chemical Free Cleaning Network lists the approaches include the effective use of floor and entry rugs, self sanitizing surfaces, atmosphere washers and many more. Visit it and become the newest member of the Chemical Free Janitorial Movement!


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