A$AP Rocky – Multiply (feat. Juicy J)

By | April 2, 2015

Directed By: Shomi Patwary, A$ AP Rocky Director of Photography: Thuan Tran, Sebastian Jimenez Producer: Chad Gihron Associate Producer: Sameer Naseem Editing / Post: Shomi Patwary, Punom …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

To celebrate the “Breaking Bad” finale, the Machinima ETC team crammed into and RV and drove from Los Angeles, CA to Albuquerque, NM, then back again (797 Miles each way, 1594 miles total,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “A$AP Rocky – Multiply (feat. Juicy J)

  1. Disregard Females

    if 1:08 was race reversed literally bombs would be going off………. 

  2. Sentimental Void

    those who killed it in 2014: Killer mike, Rocky, Kendrick , j Cole, drake
    and Kanye west

  3. JaySTEEZ

    Been an A$AP Rocky fan for a while now. But, the more I listen and see his
    progression, I realize majority of his songs are about clothes… He’s a
    “Fashion-Rapper”… And I know lean, and gold were around since the 90s
    but you can’t say he didn’t influence people, unintentionally, to hype on
    it… You didnt see people rockin Pyrex, HBA, plaid shirts around the
    waist, lean this lean that, and grills everywhere till A$AP attempted to be
    different. Most bandwagons don’t even know he’s just tryna be like the real
    trill dudes from back in the day… People are followers… now I
    understand this song, Lol.
    he’s just bad at saying “niggas are followers, fuck your fashion, be trill”
    It kinda comes off as “follow me, wear the clothes I do, act like me

  4. Hiwa Joe

    Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuup
    lol best part

  5. Kevin Banks

    Damn what was the Adidas ad doing in the middle of this music video?

  6. Çağla Özyürek

    LOL LOVE THE #ASAP Go viral today on youtube with? (*AUTHE//TIC HITS D0T
    C0M*) get tons of views, likes, and exposure to ANY video!?

  7. Sway Burr

    Dat new asap rocky song indie wit rich homie crazyyy

  8. King Crawford

    BEEN TRILL’s whole style is based of ASAP Rocky… but then again, ive
    heard that this nigga stole his style from SpaceGhostPurp…

  9. Rizi Dada

    Trap God = gucci mane
    Fashion God = yeezus
    Trap lord = asap ferg
    Fashion lord = asap Rocky
    Best views site = ***HIPVIEWS COM*** 

  10. Ralph Mckenzie

    Saying Rocky dissed the underground scene?! Raider klan n spooky black n
    bones? WTF?! They sound like rocky?! ARE U FUCKING RETARDED?! SOMEONE
    PLEASE DO THEY HOMEWORK! Rocky is from Harlem trying to sound like southern
    rappers. HE DID NOT INVENT “TRILL”! He’s from New York mimicking niggas
    from the south! If you was born after 94 PLEASE STFU! 99-07 was nothing but
    dirty south trill music on mainstream. Paul wall chamillionaire swisha
    house lil keke pimp c bun b z-ro trae SUC suave house records AND THE LIST
    GOES ON! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! This New York townie want props for mimicking
    south shit?! ARE YOU SERIOUS LOL HAHAHAAA rocky sure did trick these kids
    into believing he invented this shit LOL

  11. Susie Lavish

    Search “Novah James Never Cuffing” You wont regret it. He’s the most
    talented, versatile, & underrated artist out right now.

  12. Hylas Maliki

    yams a professional video nigga. i dont see that nigga doing anything but
    be in videos

  13. Frank L

    Young Gleesh fucking with A$AP. . .since when? aye aye aye 2:56 – 3:18?
    hahaha killed that shit

  14. Eli Powell

    They should just rename the place Los pollos hermanos honestly. Fuck
    twisters and they should get Gus to work there and announce that there
    doing it for like a day. Soooo much $$$ would be made. Charge for pictures
    and shit. 

  15. XMG3

    at 6:00, any one else notice Skyler’s old SUV parked there? yes, it’s a
    different color, but it’s the same car.

  16. Humberto Aguirre

    i wish the owner of Walt’s house had a Pontiac Aztek. 

  17. Luna Vega

    If I were the owner of Walters house, I would put a fake pizza on the roof.

  18. Monte Cristo Martinez

    I bet you don’t know where tuco’s uncle’s house in the desert is!

  19. TheGuyWithATail

    It would’ve been wonderful if you guys went to taco cabanza, heard it has
    great service

  20. Ruth Angelina

    i cant figure out who the biggest loser is here- me for watching this or
    you for making this.

  21. Asher Pirini

    I so wanna do this….but I live in New Zealand :/

  22. AutumnAsh81

    +Machinima hank didnt take walt jr there for a BJ. it was to show him how
    bad drugs can make you cause he thought Jr was smoking pot.
    cool video.

  23. Anahi Fuentes

    I live in abq :) i find it funny how people all over the world come haha 

  24. Dave G

    I’ve seen a couple videos like this but nobody visited the coordinates of
    where Walt buried his money and where Hank was buried.

  25. Eli Martinez


  26. neshizzle

    You guys are awesome! This is so cool. I envy you bitches!

  27. KutWrite .

    A little too much of your banter for my taste.

    Otherwise, thanks.


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