AC/DC Live! Rock Band (Wii) – Thunderstruck Music Video

By | February 17, 2014

Rawiioli rocks around with AC/DC Rock Band in this Special Music Video.

Couple days late from 9/9/09, but better late than never! Bought the limited edition Beatles Rock Band kit for my Nintendo Wii at Costco. The instruments loo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “AC/DC Live! Rock Band (Wii) – Thunderstruck Music Video

  1. madrugadoido

    hsuahsuahsuahsuahsuahushaushaushaushauhsua Very goodddd! Very funnyyy!

  2. Philip Amurao

    guitar hero drums are better…bcoz it has those yellow and orange things
    on the it doesnt

  3. TheMaidenfan666

    I’m sure Angus and the boys would be proud. The only question I have is if
    you intend on devoting all this time and energy mastering the song with a
    video game, why not pick up the actual instruments and learn how to play???

  4. meloncollie01

    very nice, good editing job, I especially like the camera view right down
    the guitar neck just like the video 5/5!!!

  5. Doctorro

    sehr geile Videoidee, aber zum Rockstar fehlen dir noch die langen Haare =)

  6. Joe Hawkins

    awesome! You twins rock! Only one question. Was the third twin shooting the

  7. RockSoilder1

    Oh my god I’m so excited to get it! I’m gonna get this one for my PS3 and
    the Gretsch!

  8. brunogx27

    dude i am so glad that there are more video game girls in the game comunity

  9. love4odie

    thx u made me choose the beatles in steaded of green day and im saying this
    in a good way not a bad way

  10. Lucas Calixto

    I WANT THIS GAME SO BAD!!! Why are this things so expensive in Brazil? I’m
    buying it when I come to USA!

  11. Marlon Brandol K M

    hey, better that those instruments and the game is that girl hey you are so
    pretty, and one question the rock band instruments use the wiimote like the
    guitar hero instruments

  12. MegumiFF7

    lol stupid racist people, they’re just jealous of asian people cause we are
    awesome… hehe

  13. Kunga Sagar

    @mychickenpoped why’d it had to go i don’t know, god wouldn’t say…i did
    something wrong now i long for yesterday! reference to Yesterday by The

  14. battlemonger543

    wat are the songs that u need to buy, cause i love the beatles so much i
    will buy more of their songs

  15. ManoDeOrula

    Beetle rock band?! No disrespect intended, but I am not going to spend over
    $5 on anything beetles. I am the kind of person that needs a degree of
    enthusiasm in my music and the beetles just never had enough for my taste.
    Good review though!

  16. ToushiroHikaru

    You have to beat the career mode to get The End from the Abbey Road album.

  17. MarioDuty97

    i go to buy rock band 3 drums for wii and the game of beattles i have rb2
    and rb3 but i have gh3 guitar band hero kit and the game i want the
    gameeeee !!!!! i luv beatles xD

  18. Dj Zelous

    @elogan72 The graphics are very very good. But on some levels the video
    lags a bit ot much.

  19. Leif Leppala

    i got it 4 170.99 AAT taarget but with my giftcard I olny paid 139.99


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