Anticipated Indie Rock Albums for Early 2010

By | March 16, 2014

Elephant Race
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Image by Alexander R. Yee
Elephant Race is an experimental-indie-pych band from Bahrain and are one of few indie bands existing there. They take the genre experimental, because the band enjoys branching out and discovering new genres and incorporating them into their music. Given the nature that each member has a slightly different taste of music to the others, their songs may sound very different to one another. Except for the fact of their love of indie rock, which leaves every song dashed with some indie loving.

The band originally formed in 2007, starting as a 4 piece and then evolving into a 5 piece band. Ever since they have had numerous gigs, in very different locations, from bars, clubs, houses to even an island! All with great success and positive feedback. They prefer not to try and sound or live in the shadows of other bands because they think being independent and sounding completely different to everyone else is very important to them and their ethics. After all, they are an indie band.

The band released a 4 track EP named ‘Naked In A Sea Of Clothed People’ which they released towards the end of last year (anyone who would like a copy, just ask them). Since that time the band has recorded a multitude of songs and have been giving away copies of their album for free at gigs.

On other news, the band are moving to England this summer to start their university education. Regardless the band are staying together and hopefully doing plenty of gigs there and in Bahrain when coming back to visit, even planning out a summer tour 2010. If you are in England and are interested in us playing with or for you, let us know!

Why Elephant Race? Because an elephant race would be insanely chaotic, natural, unpredictable and just plain surreal, comparing to the music we create. Also, the bands guitarist Kamal was very drunk when he thought of it.

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Get off your bar stool and prepare yourself for these hot new indie rock albums to be released in early 2010. You can bet your poker chips these albums will be some of the most talked about records of the year so hear about them here first!


Hot Chip – One Life Stand


There are lots of bands that have incorporated the style and glossy production sound of top 40 hip-hop and pop into their music, but none are able to do it with as much class as the indie rock band Hot Chip. They have been crafting some of the catchiest dance-floor anthems of the past decade with their great music and clever, often tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They burst onto the scene largely with the tracks “Over and Over” and “And I Was a Boy from School” from their 2006 release, “The Warning.” Their new album, “One Life Stand” is said to be more somber than their previous releases, so it will be interesting to see where the band goes from here on out.


Vampire Weekend – Contra


These preppy art school kids have divided music fans into love it or hate it camps, with their detractors criticizing their usurping of African rhythms and Paul Simon “Graceland” influences in their music. It’s hard to come down on Vampire Weekend for stealing from black musicians when throughout musical history that is all that white people have done. Their new record is full of even more of that catchy, literate pop music that they are known for, with lyrics that sound straight out of a “Gossip Girl” novella.

The Besnard Lakes – Are the Roaring Night


This epic indie rock band is hard to pin down; their vocalist sounds like your typical whiney indie rock singer but their sound really shoots for the stars, with lengthy, often seven minute long songs that slowly burn their way into your skull.

Their albums seem to be loosely conceptual, with their breakthrough “Are the Dark Horse” being followed by “Are the Roaring Night,” with an effectively appropriate image of a roaring night fire on the album cover. I don’t know what these guys are up to but it sounds like it is worth following.

Alan McGee is a freelance writer from MN.

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