Anything Could Happen. [Music Video]. (NYC 2014)

By | March 15, 2014

Don’t you wish you could relive those special moments? Experiences? Don’t you just wish you could repeat all of it? Well, in this special music video, I’ve t…
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10 thoughts on “Anything Could Happen. [Music Video]. (NYC 2014)

  1. Tara Noelle

    AWWWWH, IT TURNED OUT AMAZING! (as I knew it would) You’ve definitely
    managed to show every bit in a short video and make it look brilliant. I
    really love the snow globe thing, it works really well! I wish I could
    relive it too, such an awesome experience. Now excuse me while I watch this
    again… ;D?

  2. MrsKateBieber18

    This is perf yup okay stahp being more than perfection lucy <3?

  3. Eden Rassette

    This is really lovely! One of my favorite songs, too :) I’m glad you and
    Tara had the best time ever!!?

  4. Laura Macleod

    ive been exactly on all of those streets! :) hope you had a lovely time 😉


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