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By | April 16, 2014 Tabitha Cunningham of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and Sync Weekly gives some tips on how to stay informed about the Little Ro…

What IS fiction? That’s the question that popped into our minds when thinking about Orson Welles’ radio War of the Worlds performance, which set off a public…
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  1. Dom Maelzer

    unrelated to this specific video: i’ve always enjoyed and been immensely
    interested by this series, but surely i can’t be the only viewer to find
    the incessant use of internet memes to ostensibly accentuate points a
    little patronising; in terms of content, these videos are fantastically
    stimulating, but i find myself bored by the barrage of unrelated visual pop
    culture references. are these genuinely intended to assist in our
    understanding or are they simply embellishments to appeal to a wider crowd??

  2. Andrew Meyer

    Fiction is simply a story or telling of events that didn’t occur in real
    life. As for what fictitious “things” are, they’re just ideas connected to
    a work of fiction. They exist, but only in our imaginations. Not sure what
    the problem is, it seems pretty straightforward to me…?

  3. Goatmon

    The whole event of people freaking out about the War of the Worlds radio
    broadcast itself, is a work of fiction.

    Newspapers grossly exaggerated the scale of things in order to discredit
    radio as being a valid source of news, which was probably just the result
    of their fear of radio rendering them obsolete. ?

  4. My real name is I AM

    If you have opened something you know it is easy to destroy necessary
    parts, for some reason. You research, anything, to prevent or overcome
    failure. ?

  5. CCCM89

    took me about three minutes, but I can tell that the audio is ever so
    slightly out of sync.?

  6. Jam On Toast

    I can’t say that I agree with a fictional piece using a non-fictional place
    creates a fictional version of that place, unless that version is changed
    to include non-plausable changes, e.g. all McDonald’s locations are
    replaced with Mooby’s (a fictional company of which you can’t find the

    Rather I would say the fictional events of which the story is compromised
    are nouns (ideas if not objects) that are fictional in themselves, i.e.
    they are fictional events in a real location.?

  7. TheColorblindpony

    the one thing that kept sticking in my mind is equestria exists and i must
    find it.?

  8. Benjamin Gottsch

    I was listening to this, and had actually thought of this because of a
    fiction book. I am now wondering if it would be possible, since we as
    humans seem to have the ability to either create these small worlds, or
    through imagination, or dreams have seen these worlds. So if by unlocking
    the secret to how we actually do it. Could we possibly find a way to either
    virtually, or physically transport ourselves into these worlds to explore.
    I guess according to the theory, this comment has created such a world. ?

  9. BillyJoe1305

    Nope. Possibilism is impossible according, to the entire way the universe
    works. Just like Schrodinger’s cat either is or is not alive. The fact that
    he doesn’t know the answer & can’t find out doesn’t make it both.?

  10. Th3DeathDog

    I actually did see the tom cruise move because I watched it in English I
    after reading the book.?

  11. kingamongpawns1

    fiction. real talking animals not cartoons or dubbing. but a dog who can
    hold a convo with a person. or a whale that can fly or a fly that lives at
    the bottom of the ocean what about fire that freezes shit. i could go on
    all day but whats the point. all those are fiction?

  12. Nazareadain

    The thought and main point gave me less trouble than the arguments made for
    them. Some of that was hard to follow.?

  13. Orr Shomroni

    I remember I saw a kind of possibilism suggested in an old Justice League
    episode called Legends. In it, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian
    Manhunter are transported to another dimension, where Green Lantern sees
    superheros he used to read about in comic books when he was a kid. As one
    of the characters in that dimension explains, the authors of those comic
    books had a mental link to the events in the other dimension, so they wrote
    about those events.?

  14. str3123

    There was no widespread outbreak of panic across the United States in
    response to Orson Welles’ 1938 radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of
    the Worlds. Only a very small share of the radio audience was even
    listening to it, and isolated reports of scattered incidents and increased
    call volume to emergency services were played up the next day by
    newspapers, eager to discredit radio as a competitor for advertising. Both
    Welles and CBS, which had initially reacted apologetically, later came to
    realize that the myth benefited them and actively embraced it in their
    later years.

  15. skulkadin

    No one freaked out in 1938 during the broadcast of “War of the Worlds”.
    Really, all these years later and this myth that makes people look like a
    bunch of boobs is still perpetuated.?

  16. TheRatesMusic

    gentleman asked “what are fictional objects”. Same as everything else,
    information. Even a “solid” object, held in your hand can be broken down
    to information – the way the particles that make up its molecules are
    arranged, their speed and direction in space etc. When we see or touch
    something “real” we are simply percieving that information. In the same
    way a fire truck is not “red”, it just reflects photons of a certain
    wavelength, that information is detected by the eye and percieved as “red”,
    or “rouge or “roht” – all different names for the same information.

    A rock thown into a pond, via the laws of physics, changes the speed and
    direction of the particles in the water, changes their information, the
    effect is a wave that we call ripples. Does a wave “exist”? I think it
    does, but it’s not a tangible thing, it’s an effect or behavior.

    In a way everything you can describe “exists” but it may not have
    “happened”. Every combination of a pack of cards “exists” even if they’ve
    never actually been shuffled that way before. Even if you had no cards or
    if cards had yet to be invented. In the same way, you could describe the
    speed and direction etc of all the particles required to make a pack of
    cards, but the cards are fictional until those particles actually have that

    I’m no expert in this, so don’t hate on me. If you’re interested in more,
    look up “smallest unit of information”?

  17. mcweaky

    This didn’t show in my sub box I just got here from your newest video?

  18. farley pants

    the homestuck fantroll fandom in which those who create fantrolls
    retroactivly build the populace of the fictional worlds which contain real
    trolls as portrayed in homestuck, like an impromptu flash mob doing
    performance art

    that’s why it pisses me off when people make more of the high-class trolls
    and less of the low class trolls, even though the whole core of troll
    existence was the class struggle between the 90% low class and the 10% or
    less high class. ?

  19. jmoeller91

    What if you create an imaginary universe where the denizens know that its
    imaginary? If you ask them, they’ll tell you they are imaginary, so is it
    just imaginary? What exactly separates this universe from the ones where
    the denizens think its real??

  20. WaitingToFade

    There are two points I wanted to make:
    1) You cannot really point at a fictional object; you can only point at
    some dots on a screen or the ink on a page in a book.
    2) Is there really such a thing as ‘London’ in the natural world? Isn’t the
    city of London something we just made up? It may be real, but it doesn’t
    have the existence that a tree might have.?


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