Assassin CD Release Promo – 80’s Melodic & Hard Rock From San Diego, CA

By | April 22, 2014

Assassin CD Release Promo - 80's Melodic & Hard Rock From San Diego, CA

San Diego’s finest Hard Rock band from the mid 80’s finally has their debut album released on October 6, 2009 – through Deep Shag Records. Assassin was a fan…

10 thoughts on “Assassin CD Release Promo – 80’s Melodic & Hard Rock From San Diego, CA

  1. David Sanchez

    Damn, I was so confused searching this song with Aslan, I didnt hear this
    song since 1985, when I had to wait until KGB’s Metal Show was over to
    begin to hear the “Home Grown Hour”, THank you B5Erik !!!.

  2. Chris Zapor

    WOW, does this bring back great memories!!! The CD sounds great, I can’t
    wait to hear about a reunion show!!! rock on you guys!

  3. Greg Raymond

    Has it been 25 years? Im not going to miss this one! See ya at 4th & B
    tomorrow! Someone call AIrcraft and Prowler!

  4. assassincool1

    Come see the original ASSASSIN with all the original members, a one time
    only reunion show on April 17, 2010 at 4th and B in San Diego,CA. The San
    Diego Rock Reunion is going to be a great show.

  5. captainsplatter

    Yeah Vinnie! Get some. Man this the kind of stuff I grew up on. Glad you
    all finally got to release this. Hope all in Toyz goes good for you

  6. yoshi bax

    Lived in SD and loved Child the beginnings of Assassin. Scene Pete Papps
    play with Craig Goldy in a band called Vengeance, and scene Jake E Lee play
    with Child. Great stuff. Where’s all my SD 80’s fans!

  7. pow3rm3talwhor3

    thom beebe was my co-worker at guitar trader. and was also my guitar


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