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Spread Magical Pixie Powder in a Sexy Tinkerbell Costume

Anyone who has ever seen a Disney TV show or film knows who Tinkerbell is. At first only a supporting role described by her creator, J.M. Barrie, as a common fairy, Tinkerbell has since evolved to become the widely recognized unofficial mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

While she may look and act like a child in her appearances on the big screen, Tink has the body of a woman, curves and all, and wears clothes to show it off. This is what makes a Sexy Tinkerbell Costume such a good costume for Halloween and theme parties. If you’re looking to showboat a little skin to catch the attention of a man, or possibly to make your women friends a little envious, then this outfit is the right match for you.

There are a wide assortment of Tinkerbell costumes out there. Having said that, they are all based on the plain yet daring green petal dress. Complement with a pair of fairy wings, a matching green hair piece and a pair of ballet shoes with white pom poms on, and you’re off to Neverland with Wendy and Peter.

Whenever you’re searching for the right Tinkerbell outfit, be sure that the one you select to wear comes with high quality fairy wings. You want sparkling nylon wings that aren’t too floppy.  They can be any color, but white, blue or purple look great. Steer clear of costumes that don’t come with the fairy wings, otherwise you may have a tough time getting any that aren’t childrens sizes.

If you want to really stand out, then add a bit body glitter on yourself, your hair and your costume. You can buy body glitter at just about any cosmetic store. Try to get the glitter make-up that is sold with a brush. It will make applying so much easier.

The Sexy Tinkerbell Costume is great for Halloween, theme parties, or fancy dress birthday parties. Not only does it look terrific, it can truly liven up a dull room. If you aren’t the creative or crafty type, do not stress, you can easily pay for one.

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Quotes About Hope

Quotes about Hope

If you need some hope, look for the good in others, in yourself, and in your Maker. At various times throughout life, there are setbacks and tragedies. These bad things are part of being human. The hope is what keeps us going and helps us to find happiness and joy in the suffering.

Instead of running from pain and suffering, we should embrace it. Why? It allows the soul to mourn and finally to heal properly. The whole process is somewhat complicated and different for everyone. However, there are things that can help.


Prayer can bring hope to those filled with despair. The very act of prayer helps you to go outside of yourself and focus on the positive. If you are in deep despair, you can at least pray for hope and it will come. Prayer has a keen way of focusing the mind and helping us to stop focusing on self. This act, alone, helps humans to break out of the ego or pain like state.

Doing Things

If you want more hope, it is important to keep doing things. Even the little things like keeping your car clean or going on a bike ride will infuse a lighter spirit. That’s why it is good to do little things for others that need hope. Having the little things done, in life, makes everything a little easier to do.

Quotes of Hope

It’s good to have information about how to be hopeful. Quotes are often a good source of inspiration. For example, humor enlightens the mind, lifts the spirit, and comes at will. It’s the sure fire way to live life. And, hope is something you get from God and yourself. It can’t be handed to you.

Positive Stories

It is also a good idea to tell yourself hopeful stories. Did you ever work for something important and get it? Do you feel a certain joy when helping others or when doing good? Telling yourself some positive things can also help you find hope.

Where there is light there is also truth and with truth comes hope because truth tells a wonderful story.

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The Oasis Of The Middle East

All life seems to flourish around the coast of the Red Sea as inland of the various countries surrounding it are packed with unforgiving deserts. As most of the attention lies around the coast there is more to see and do, which is why tourism is something that is benefitting greatly in the region, particularly over the last 3 years. Steadily Red Sea holidays are becoming an attractive option for tourists looking to enjoy something different away from tried and tested resorts which flood the Mediterranean Sea.

Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are two of Egypt’s classic examples which showcase how well areas around the Red Sea have adapted to the world of tourism. Both places show that you can really take advantage of the good weather, which is apparent throughout the Middle East, and do so at the beach. All along the coast provides you with a great spot to soak up the endless hours of sun. The best part of all is that you are not simply confined to enjoying a break over summer, the weather in this part of the world is constantly warm and the sun seems to be always shining. Some people even find that they are better off visiting during European winter months because the summer can be a little too hot.

It doesn’t matter where you choose a stay along the coast of the Red Sea, because you will be in a reasonable distance to some place offering to take you on a diving tour. Diving tours are probably the most frequently enjoyed excursion on Red Sea holidays as the marine life that inhabitants it is so fascinating, also coral reefs Tiran and Ras Mohammed are very beautiful. Dive deep and explore the various creatures which swim freely through the magnificent coral. Many people are of the opinion that diving excursions in the Red Sea are the best available in the world.

Many holidaymakers are turning against their usual haunts and abandoning their loyalties to various European coasts to experience what the Red Sea offers. It can be said that it is a lot of the same, but the fact is that the weathers better and the diving is world class. Don’t forget that anytime is the right time to visit too.

With choice there to be made I believe some tourists might find it easier to take a holiday away from the busy summer season, which means that the Red Sea provides the ideal option.

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Rocky quotes

Did you know Sylvester Stallone wrote the movie Rocky? He also directed and the movie was all done in twenty-eight days! There are a total of six movies and the first one came out way back in 1976.

The most famous quote from the first movie and still continued on in every single movie was “Yo Adrian!” Rocky has just gotten done fighting Apollo Creed and has lost due to a split decision. Bloody and beaten, he yells for her and she comes running down into his arms. They say how they love each other and the movie ends on a loving happy note. “Yo Adrian” is a very special thing between the two of them every time he says it. It has so much meaning behind it.

In Rocky II, “I was wonderin’ if, uh, you wouldn’t mind marryin’ me very much.” This was Rocky asking Adrian if she would marry him, of course she said yes! There romance became one of the most famous romances in modern day film history.

The last film, sadly we all miss Adrian and Rocky can’t function without here no matter how hard he tries. At the end of the movie he finally knows its okay to let go and have the strength to move on, “You know I couldn’t have done nothing without you, Yo Adrian we did it”, and touchingly he kisses her tombstone.

“No, maybe I can’t win, maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me, he’s gonna have to kill me, and to kill me, he’s gonna have to have the heart to stand in front of me, and to do that, he’s gotta be willing to die himself and I don’t know if he’s ready to do that. I don’t know, I don’t know.” This quote came from rocky IV in 1985 where he fights the Russian Ivan Drago. He is totally an indestructible freak on steroids. Rocky was also doing the fight for his country he loved so much, the United States. Terrible things were being said about the country and him. So, Rocky definitely kicks some butt!

There were other memorable characters like Paulie and Rocky’s son, Robert, along with many fighters and colorful characters that made the movie what it was and still is to this day.

rocky quotes

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How to Sell Your Music


Question: Have you noticed the amount of promotion U2 have been doing to sell their new single and album? Why? They’re the biggest rock band on the planet with millions of fans waiting to hear and buy their new records. Answer: NO U2 PROMOTION = NO U2 SALES. If Bono and the band have to promote their new music, then so do You.

You can upload your music to a MySpace page and to several sites for download. But if no one has heard of you – if you haven’t promoted You or Your Music) you’re not gonna sell very much. Tattoo this under your eyelids – No Promotion means No sales. If you start your fledgling career with this basic premise in mind you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time, effort, frustration and head scratching.

Part 2 – You’ve made a bunch of tracks in your home studio or bedroom – excellent – this is where Stuart Price remixed Madonna’s No. 1 hit “Hung Up” – and it’s where many, many other music makers are creating their music.

The hi-hats are sounding dope and a phat b-line keeping it all together. You’re buzzing with enthusiasm – your MySpace page is online with lots of friends plus you’re on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and various other Social Networks you’re plugged into. In today’s climate these are ESSENTIAL ingredients to selling your music. Now what?

Tip 3 – you’ve already been creative by writing new and original material. You now need to find creative ways to road test it – to see and hear what complete strangers think of it. This is the truest and absolute acid test. If they don’t get down on the dance floor, you need to get back in the studio!

If you DJ in your local gastro pub, drop it into your set and gauge the reaction. If you don’t DJ, ask one of your friends to try it out. The best Remixers and Producers demo their new productions in the very same way before acknowledging that it sounds the best they can make it or whether it needs more work.

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Karna Lake, An Oasis Of Greenery

Karna Lake is a major tourist attraction situated in Indias Haryana state. Found in the Karnal district of the North Indian state Karna Lake is situated about 125 kilometres from the Indian capital New Delhi. It is often visited by pilgrims as it lies on the route to the venerated shrine of Vaishno Devi and the scenic vales of Kashmir. The beautifully landscaped area is a popular recreational area for the working population of New Delhi and its suburbs who visit the area to unwind and relax by the tranquil lakeside.

Many visitors choose to picnic here, and other recreational activities available include boating on the lake waters and angling. Additionally in recent years the lakeside area has become a popular venue for business conferences away from the stresses and strains of city life.

The lake is named after Karna, one of the protagonists of the famous Indian epic, the Mahabharat. Karna who was the earthly son of Surya, god of day, is said to have habitually bathed at the site. In a major scene in the epic Karna relinquished his protective armour to Indra, godfather of Karnas arch-enemy Arjuna at this location. In another scene from the Mahabharat, Duryodhana who had concealed himself in a water tank emerged in response to Bhimas taunts, but was slain by the latter.

Karna Lake is an oasis of greenery that never fails to enchant the visitor. The lake and the island found at its centre features an array of attractive bird species including geese, cormorants, ducks, swans and kingfishers. As the lake is surrounded by a plethora of stalls vending fast foods and snacks, there is a wide choice of foods for the visitor.

The environs of Karna Lake also feature several historical and cultural attractions. These include an obelisk serving as a memorial to the third battle of Panipat as well as a watch tower, Kos Minar, a small fort known as Trori Sarai, the tombs of noteworthy individuals and Baburs Masjid.

Also in the vicinity is the Oasis Complex, which offers a multitude of facilities for the visitor and a well designed golf course for enthusiasts of the sport.
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