Beacon by Anchor Audio Systems

By | November 18, 2017

Now there is a fully featured, self contained, professional sound system that is now available that can be set up in just minutes to service up to 5000 people. Its called the Beacon by Anchor Audio Systems and it renders all other similar sound systems obsolete for a number of reasons.

To start with, its six foot tall tower speaker system contains three eight inch woofers as well as eight four and a half inch midrange speakers for a complete sound range as well as optimal sound projection. This new patented line array tower is fully capable of projecting up to five hundred feet in distance.

Its a fully self contained audio system that includes all of the components that you will need and that even includes a state of the art wireless microphone as well as a CD player. The Beacon Anchor sound system is available in a number of component configurations depending on your audio needs, beginning with the base set up that includes the Beacon, wireless microphone, a wireless receiver, battery and carrying case.

The same unit is also available in their Deluxe Package which includes two wireless receivers, two wireless microphones and of course the battery as well as the carrying case. The Beacon is Anchor Audios most powerful sound system and it is designed for broadcasting to large groups where maximum performance is a must.

However; it contains multiple one touch setting options and that means that it is also the perfect sound system for even the smallest of audiences as well. This is a system that you can have perfect peace of mind with as well. because it comes included with a no cost, six year warranty on all parts and workmanship and it is made right here in the U.S. Anchor Audio manufactures a wide range of user friendly self contained audio systems ranging from convenient light hand held units all the way up to their top of the line Beacon commercial system.


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