Beatles ? Great Name in the Music World

By | September 14, 2016

Until now, the Beatles has still been one of the most famous and successful bands in the world of music. I can say that it continue drawing the attention of enormous amount of audience even though it breakup. John, Paul, Ringo and George – 4 guys, who came from Liverpool, roused the United States music market in 60s.


When I was a child, Ringo Starr is my favorite singer. I liked his silliness and craziness. When I am older little, I really liked Paul McCartney. Every time I hear the songs of the Beatle, my heart beaten strongly. I do not know the reason but I can find that the Beatle has stepped into my heart. I knew that Paul was the last member in Beatle to grow his hair and he was the first one to cut his hair. I always take noticed of news about The Beatle.


In the first day of Beatle, there is not something complex. They are young guys with enthusiasm and passion for music. I can list some famous song with beautiful melodies and understandable lyrics such as She Loves You, Hard Days Night, Paperback Writer, Love Me Do, I Wanna Hold Your Hand. These songs can not get a high award, yet they give you music that is easy to sing and dance.


Now I still sing those songs because their lyric always appears in my mind. Hearing those songs bring to me wonderful minutes. After the Beatle broke up, many people said that songs which written by Paul McCartney is meaningless. It was chart-topping song that is called Silly Love Songs. This is reason why Paul McCartney is my great love.


I always wonder if there is no one says about the great effect of John Lennon on the world, how the Beatle was. I also think that the future of the Beatle would be different if there was no marriage between John and Yoko; Paul and Linda. Perhaps the marriage with quarrels made two of them could not concentrate on music career. In my opinion, it’s obvious that John loved Paul, although, just as they did Ringo and George.


The Beatle reached the success in the world of music. You are easy to find the long list of the Beatle’s success on many websites or books about the history of music. They wrote your names in the yellow page of music history. We can enjoy the Beatle music when we were young or we were older.


How can you imagine the effect of the Beatle music in the world in generation and music listeners in particular? Although 4 persons did not gather in a band, each member has affected on music world. If you had ever listened to songs of Beatles, you will have same thinking like me that is Beatles is always the supreme band.

A fan of The Beatle.

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