Beatles reunite for Rock Band Ringo Starr Paul McCartney Yoko Ono on stage

By | March 22, 2014 – Unique Experiential Journey Through The Beatles’ Career to Feature Introduction of Three-Part Vocal Harmonies, 45 Songs On-Disc and Re…
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25 thoughts on “Beatles reunite for Rock Band Ringo Starr Paul McCartney Yoko Ono on stage

  1. JOHNNYD42

    Paul didn’t have a huge beard during abbey road!!!! And Ringo didnt have a
    mustache like that!!!!!!!!!

  2. xH4YD3Nx

    wow, good job on making them look like the beatles. i hope they look that
    good in-game

  3. sharkey4123

    well they couldn’t have had Paul on bass and drums in one shot could they?

  4. 102Help

    @signaturemover left right after the recording of “Yer Blues”

  5. signaturemover500

    1:35 a mistake rock band had made; ringo left the band for a while and the
    other three recorded back in the ussr without ringo. ringo shortly returned.

  6. il927

    @signaturemover thats not a mistake they didnt want to confuse new fans

  7. Sid Bagga

    George wasn’t there either. They also got the facial hair and order wrong.
    Abbey road was recorded after the get back rooftop concert, and during the
    Abbey Road session, all of them except Paul had huge ass beards.

  8. Kobeownzu81

    i hope some of the later stuff is on there. i think hey jude would be a
    blast to play and dont let me down i hope is on there


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