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By | March 23, 2014

Boom Chicka Boom, from the award-winning CD, #1 Best Kid’s Songs! CD Download:… CD: http://store….
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25 thoughts on “Boom Chicka Boom – The Learning Station

  1. TheLearningStation

    YOUR CHALLENGE! Tongue twisters are spoken wordplay activities that are fun
    to recite and a great tool to aid children’s language development. Children
    (and adults) can’t resist smiling and enjoying the race to conquer the
    challenge. Can you say, “Toy Boat” 5 times really fast? Let us know in the
    comment section below. Check out our video, “Boom Chicka Boom” and see how
    these kids take on our, “Toy Boat” challenge: Boom Chicka Boom – The
    Learning Station?

  2. TheLearningStation

    Boom Chicka Boom by The Learning Station
    We are thrilled to announce that our song has been rated a TOP favorite
    action, movement and brain breaks song throughout the US and abroad!

    #brainbreaks #earlychildhood #elementary ?

  3. TheLearningStation

    “Boom Chicka Boom” by The Learning Station
    This is a repeat after me song that invites active participation. It’s
    great for brain breaks, circle time or those bad weather days when the
    children can’t go out and play. It’s also been rated a TOP PICK
    internationally by teachers and parents. ?

  4. evlin yunanda salim

    All of my student love to sing and dance this song!
    Now, they always ask me to play your songs (boom chicka boom, one finger
    one thumb and go bananas) after they finish my lessons.?

  5. Autumn Stewart

    This is me and my cousin’s favorite song by TheLearningStation ?

  6. Chloe Bear

    yes i can say toy boat 5x really fast well me and my sister really?

  7. xoxosarah18

    Can’t do the toy boat thing, but I’m gonna use this for the kids I’m
    student teaching with :)?

  8. Jayda Minniefield

    My whole class loves that song can you make one really better than that i
    want that to be your guys next challenge?


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