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By | April 30, 2016

All things are blue – or so the saying goes when we think about clothes for boys. Today though people are not following the traditional color schemes for babies; thank goodness.  Green, yellow, and other pastel colors look great on all babies and should be used. But regardless of the color, it’s important for mother’s to carefully choose her son’s clothes. Of course, there are always more choices for girls, but over the last several years designers and manufacturers have begun closing the gap and precious, durable clothes can be found for boys.

Many moms fall into the peer pressure game and end up only wanted to buy clothes that are name brand.  These are often more expensive, but are usually well-made and durable.  They are certainly fashionable, and your little boy will look slick and precious in any of them.  When baby gets a little older, and is around more children noticing what they are wearing, he may decide it’s time to go shopping and have his say in what he wears.  This will be especially true if he thinks you are dressing him like a girl, or like a baby. Brand name clothes are usually good choices, especially for boys, because they are more likely to withstand the abuse boys often inflict on their clothes.

Even when you as the parent are picking out the clothes, you don’t want your little boy to stand out so much in the crowd that he looks silly or a little weird.  He will begin to notice the looks and become self-conscious. You want your baby boy, as he becomes a toddler, to be self-confident and reassured knowing you will provide not only basic clothes to protect him, but cool clothes that make him one of the boys. Sticking with brands you’ve always relied on for your or your husband’s clothes, or a brand you know to be reliable, will make both you and your son happy.

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