Cast Iron Bathtubs Are Exquisitely Sublime!

By | September 29, 2016

For many, the bathtub is just a place to take a bath, an oasis when you need to soak your body in hot water to relieve stress or a headache, and of course, a drain for the water showering down from above. All these things are valid, but what about those times when you’re not using the tub? What about the times you do? Chances are your bathroom is decorated in a lovely pastel of your favorite and most relaxing trinkets and pictures. Your walls are adorned with towel racks and on those racks are aesthetically pleasing towels, but your tub may not be so aesthetically exciting right? Imagine now, if you will, cast iron bathtubs. How would one of these lovely tubs look in your bathroom?

For years people have done everything they could to make their bathroom look amazing. After all, when company comes over where do they often go at least once? The beauty of cast iron bathtubs is that they solve all the needs of the perfect bathroom in one unit. The cast iron tub is gorgeous, often trimmed with beautiful accents and you can even get a clawfoot cast iron tub as well if you really want to impress people- and yourself!

A tub should be deep as well as wide, big enough for you to lay in it head to toe without having to touch the top or bottom if you don’t wish (to float essentially). It should be wide enough to do the same to some degree, but more so to give your arms room to spread out and relax. The tub should “feel” like it’s important, in that when you’re in it you feel you’re in a foundation capable of holding the water and keeping it’s temperature the same. One lovely thing about cast iron bathtubs are it’s ability to hold the water temperature better than say acrylic or plastic materials. When you grip onto the side of the tub, it’s a lot more exciting when the tub has that warm rigid feel to it, but smooth and polished as these tubs often are.

Cast iron is heavy and isn’t for every home, especially upstairs homes with older foundations that aren’t reinforced rigidly. Most homes however can accommodate a cast iron tub but you should make sure the tub is not too heavy if your in an older home, or if termites may be an issue, this will be the first thing to fall through the floor!

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