Challenges to Expect When You Cut Dog Nails

By | November 9, 2017

Believe it or not, the many challenges in life can include attempting to cut dog nails. However, being cognizant of such challenges can make trimming your dog’s nails a piece of cake. Here are some of the main challenges that you might have to deal with when it’s time to trim your pooch’s nails.

1. The quick is difficult to see with dark nails.
It’s easier to see and avoid the quick if your dog has nails of a light color. However, the task can be much more difficult if your dog’s nails are dark. The best step to take in this situation is to clip small pieces of nail. Watch out for a dark region in the middle of the clipped nail. When you see it, note that that’s the quick’s beginning. Then when you spot a light inner area as you cut dogs nails, it’s imperative that you stop clipping–to avoid causing your dog pain.

2. The dew claws also need clipping.
The dew claws grow on the inside of your dog’s legs. They certainly need trimming since they don’t get worn down like the other nails. If your dog gets these nails caught in undergrowth or bedding, then the result can be quite painful for it. So, it’s critical to trim the dew claws.

3. The nails may require filing after cutting them.
This depends greatly on the variety of clippers that you use. The problem typically arises when you use toenail clippers for humans, or standard dog nail clippers. However the “guillotine” type of cutter creates a cleaner cut. To solve this problem, use a tiny nail file. You could also use a product such as Pedi Paws, which files the dog’s nail rather than cut dog nails.

Trimming your dog’s nails will certainly create challenges. Still remember that the thrill of challenges is overcoming them.

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