Combat Boots – From Punk To Goth

By | December 21, 2016

There seems to be a wardrobe for every kind of social group. Combat boots have a way of standing out, don’t they? The unique styling makes them a favorite amongst those in the Punk or Goth lifestyle, but they can be worn by virtually anyone. They’re often sold as fetish boots, since they’re also popular with leather fetish enthusiasts. That notwithstanding, they’re quite sturdy, however, and are made with some fine materials. If you’ve been looking for a boot that screams “unique” and “non-conformist,” then this style of boot is for you. There are several types of boots to choose from, so the chances are that you’ll find a pair to your liking.

Combat boots, at their core, are basic boots. However, the additional styling does make each pair stand out from the others. The use of multiple buckles adds a touch of uniqueness to each boot style and thick, wedge-style platform soles will make a shorter person look taller. So, if you’re a shorter person, buy some combat boots like this and instantly grow a couple of inches. Hey, it’s worth a shot. Taller people tend to get more attention than shorter ones, so wearing boots like this function not only as height boosters, but also as an instant topic of conversation.

However, what turns some people on about these boots are the exact things that turn others off. Most people have never seen boots like these before. Particular combat boots have a distinct look that will make people scratch their heads and wonder. The multiple buckles are enough to make some people head for the hills almost immediately. They look like something straight out of a cyberpunk graphic novel, and this may be why they’re so popular with that niche audience. These are definitely niche boots, but much like go-go boots, they’ll have a loyal contingent of fans that will continue to buy them.

These boots may be a nice complement to a Goth wardrobe or punk band looking to complete their look with something other than gym shoes. These boots are very popular with the younger crowd, however, and a certain amount of hipness comes with wearing them. If you’ve ever been to the mall and passed by stores that sell clothes that look like they go with boots like this, you’ll understand why combat boots are so popular with that audience. You can’t help but get a pair for yourself after seeing that.

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