Comic Con 2010 Rockband 3: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

By | November 30, 2014

Me and a couple of friends play Rockband 3. We had to sign release papers afterwards for Morgan Spurlocks Documentary: Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

14 thoughts on “Comic Con 2010 Rockband 3: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

  1. Kyle Hoover

    @LOZmaster85RB seconded, all journey songs should be charted for keyboard!
    I would love to play Foreplay/Long Time on keys!

  2. John Bartulis

    hey guys just to clear this (and as the singer)… was DLC for the
    previous rockband on rockband three its on the set-list……..there now we
    all have it and you all cant argue i was the one who chose the song

  3. HannibalLeon

    @hwfcaboose no…its DLC thats put onto the setlit its not on the rb3 disc
    you need to buy this song…HMX has all the songs thats why its there

  4. Jobehudsonvids

    were keyboards playable at comic con? If yes were they good and worth
    getting? And yes i know DSB is dlc song and doesnt have keyboards charted.
    just curious


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