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By | February 24, 2014

B & B Cafe, Castle Rock, Colorado
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Image by J. Stephen Conn
As Karen and I cruised through downtown Castle Rock looking for a place to have lunch, the words "Home Made Pies" on the B&B Cafe sign caught my attention. I love homemade pie, so we parked our pickup truck and went in. We soon learned that this restaurant is a hometown original with a lot of history.

We were seated in the southern dining room (the non-smoking section). On the walls were numerous photographs and newspaper articles detailing the history of the Cafe and the town of Castle Rock. The Cafe opened in th 1920’s and the first owners had a beautiful onyx and marble bar shipped down from Leadville, CO. The folks in Leadville had purchased the bar from Italy in the 1880’s during the big silver rush. Since 1982 the Bradley family has owned the B&B.

Another article on the wall recalls the time, in 1946, that Ray Lewis, the Castle Rock Town Marshal, was killed in a shootout at the Cafe. We could still see one of the bullet holes in the tin ceiling above the fan in the front dining room.

The Cafe is open Mon-Sat from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The menu told us that the B&B Cafe has been written up in the food sections of the Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post, and The Washington Post. which was said to have recommended the country fried steak. So that’s what I ordered. What the menu failed to say is exactly WHAT had been "written up" about the country fried steak. To me it was quite mediocre at best, like something they had had in a bag in the freezer for a very long time before throwing it into the grease to fry.

Anyway, I ate the over-breaded country fried steak and looked forward to ordering the homemade pie for desert. Only problem is, we never saw our waitress again. I also wanted a refill on my iced tea, but that never came either. After several minutes of being unable to get our server’s attention, we got up to leave. As we exited the dining room she suddenly appeared and asked "How was everything?" "Fine" I fibbed. "Excellent!" she exclaimed. As we paid our bill I could see the "homemade pie" behind the counter in a cardboard box. It didn’t look home made to me at all.

Castle Rock Custom Deck Builder – Professional Deck Contractor

Adding a deck to your home can make summer, the best season of the year. It may seem like a tough choice, when considering between the materials, layouts and designs when building a deck, but hiring a reliable contractor can make everything much easier to manage.

ATH Construction is the contractor who can help you with your build. As a full-service contractor with 17+ years of trade experience, they can take the stress out of your project. Not only will you get the best deck builder Colorado has to offer, but you will most likely save some money with their knowledge and trade secrets on your side.

The benefits of adding a deck to your home are numerous. But with a demanding job like building a deck, even the most experienced DIY person will probably want to leave this one to the pros. A deck is a much more detailed job than it might seem on the surface and it takes a skilled craftsman to build one that will stand the test of time.

What you get in the end will make it all worthwhile. Even the smallest and most uneven backyards can benefit from the versatility of an added deck. Whether you’re entertaining or just lounging around, the extra space can be enjoyed by all.

One of the toughest parts of building a deck is choosing a layout, something ATH Construction, as a custom deck builder, can help you with. Not only can a good carpenter help you pick a layout, but they can help you pick one that best suits your space and budget.

It is easy to get carried away with an elaborate deck, so carpenters are great for figuring out how to maximize the space you have. Almost any contractor will have basic deck layouts, but should you decide you want something completely different there are always plenty to be found.

Choosing a material for your deck can be just as complicated as choosing a layout given the many different materials available. While you may find different names for some depending upon the company, you have three basic choices: teak, composite, or pressure-treated lumber.

Teak is a hardwood used on many boat decks. It can be pricey, but it is stunning to look at and resistant to the elements.

Pressure-treated lumber is much cheaper and is widely used as decking. It is put under extreme pressure with preservatives so that it will last for decades, but work the same way as standard lumber.

Composites have become a popular option for people who want the longest life from their deck with as little work as possible. Prices for each of these can vary, but your contractor can help you decide on one.

Adding a deck to your home is a great way to increase living space and give you a great place to entertain or just spend a lazy summer day. If you hire on the right contractor, you can get a great deck added to your home for a reasonable price while skipping all the headaches of a big household project.

If you are serious about building a quality, professional, custom deck, please contact us today. – Colorado premiere custom deck builder, specializing in professional custom home deck additions. Located in Castle Rock, Colorado. (720) 313-1582

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