Double Heavy Rain Review, Game Room Thoughts and Rock Band News

By | February 13, 2014

This week on RnD, Jha and Omega co-op RnD’s Heavy Rain review, DLev talks about the brand new “Xbox Game Room”, and Nerdcraft gets a little help from a felin…

New Star Wars: Battlefront III alpha footage hits YouTube FINAL FAN…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “Double Heavy Rain Review, Game Room Thoughts and Rock Band News

  1. JasonOmega

    Something tells me that this thread is eventually going to completely ruin
    the game for everyone.

  2. JasonOmega

    @Winfree00 Couldn’t agree more. MGS2 actually turned me off to the series.

  3. JasonOmega

    Hopefully the sound is worked out this week… we had almost 200 views last
    week and no comments. C’mon guys… we need *some* feedback here. Thanks
    for watching.

  4. Jason Superior

    Oh I could totally ruin this thread lol… I just wish I killed everyone
    off… and not just….

  5. Warren Elfrank

    I watched a clip of Heavy Rain and saw the guy cutting off his own finger,
    crazy stuff

  6. BattlefieldHigh

    i played the demo and liked it, not got it yet but if its a short game im
    gona rent it and yeah thanks for the spoiler dickhead

  7. ggjones2517

    thank u sooooo much bro for the info i needed that. im still tryn to find
    out more about way of the samurai 4.

  8. NoremacTheGamer

    No problem bro. If i see more interesting things about it ill talk about :)

  9. Evan Rushing

    why do you say da instead of the when you say your username jk i kewd i
    kewd but yea i like vg247 pretty good lol


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