Ekka 2015: Full list of showbags

By | August 24, 2015

Ekka 2015: Full list of showbags
Full O Fizz Showbag: 8x Wizz Fizz original, 1x Wicked Fizz Strawberry, 1x Wicked Fizz Grape, 10x Radz Fizz Bombs Blast Drops Assorted Flavours, 1x Pop Rocks Cola and Strawberry Twin Pack, 1x Radz Crackle Rocks, 2x Magic Foot Powder and Pop, ….. Chupa …
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On 40th anniversary, 40 reasons to still dig Rush
Rumor from the early '80s, during the height of the satanic worship panic caused by the misinterpretation of lyrics and logos from rock bands: Rush stood for “Rulers Under Satan's House. (Similarly, KISS was supposed to be the acronym for “Kings in …
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