Elements – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

By | March 28, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Elements – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

  1. 755hp

    Best song this chick has ever made. Don’t think she can top herself here.?

  2. MrStoned93

    I think she and Alexander Rybak should make a clip together! Alexander
    Rybak is so handsome and cute and he plays very nice! She is also pretty
    and plays nice! Would be an epic clip together!!?

  3. Nephi Hill

    40 dollar violin massed up in the rain but it was a cheep violin not a good

  4. Rachel Smith

    If I ever win the lottery I’m paying this woman to reteach me violin. She
    makes me miss it.?

  5. jugg Mason

    She is as good as she is cute! Love both the music and her!?

  6. Monika Kurowska

    Looks like Lindsey knows all the four forces of nature quite well :). Maybe
    she’s the fifth – energy ;)?

  7. John Medina

    Fantastic video. Amazing melody.
    And she is *so* beautiful in that white dress with her hair down ^_^ <3?

  8. Analee PuesHafa

    All you need to know is that you music is on (YouTube) play allowing it to
    repeat continuously while I FB and do some research. The sounds vibrating
    through my ears are absolutely phenomenal it drives so much strong energy
    and confidence in me making me feel fearless. The beats are great for any
    background. I have recorded and will continue recording audios using your
    music as background. Incredible!!! Great to record Bashar with your music
    in the background, Lindsey! Two thumbs up! Thank you for a life changing
    creation! ?

  9. Victoria Lyles

    There is so much feeling in your music, I love it.

    You are truly amazing. Let no one tell you that your music is good because
    it is amazing.?

  10. Tyler Tracy

    I could be wrong, but Mormon women don’t go on missions, the guys do,

  11. Jamie Francis

    I wonder how much water was in her violin after they were done shooting…


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