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Arnel Pineda is the current vocalist for the band Journey, who found the Filipino singer and Steve Perry sound-alike via contest on YouTube, and former vocal…

Journey's Arnel Pineda gears up for world tour

Arnel Pineda, frontman of the American rock band Journey, is thankful for all the blessings he has received this year.


  1. JustAintThatWay

    Rolie is beautiful. The original Journey line-up was hands down THE
    coolest band
    out there and I’m talking ALL of the badass rock groups doing business
    circa 1975.
    1st 3 discs of theres stand up LARGE against any others.?

  2. sparkymgtow

    What a cool cat. The kind of guy I’d like to meet. Right on, Gregg.?

  3. Jani Horst

    the Real Band Journey!! Steve Perry “IS” the reason Journey became Famous.
    Just Listen to your RADIO…WHO do you Hear whenever a Journey song comes

  4. eddie neal

    seen this band before perry took the stage. rolie was the vocalist then. it
    was a kick ass concert.?

  5. neechee5150

    This lady needs to do her home work. Neal has never sang anything for
    Journey other than just back up vocals. Yes Perry took over most of the
    lead vocals for Rolie but not Schon because Schon never sang lead vocals in

  6. Chicho Chuaquico

    I am Filipino….and the Philippines is not Amazingly poor. We are
    progressive and still a developing country. But far from Amazingly poor.
    Our Literacy rate is very high. Almost everybody speaks English. Nothing
    against Mr. Rollie – he is a great singer but I just want to correct
    something. Peace!?

  7. synth on a plinth

    Very few comments about Gregg Rolie, a consummate pro and true good guy.?

  8. Michelle Micael

    Arnel Pineda is AWESOME! is good match for Journey!?

  9. jaya tonna

    Seems to me that there are a whole lot of Human looking Aliens without
    Brains on Earth, these stupid slobs who compare two grat singers with
    eachother should first eat some shit(maybe Dog shit) so that they cannot
    talk loud, its not the way both sings its the Feeling for the song and
    this Arnel guy sings with so much feeling he just lives the song , so got
    it? idiots and now eat what i told U 2 !?

  10. Maricel Virtus

    Yes! Arnel Pineda is not steve Perry and no one can replace him… but
    Arnel Pineda is d only suitable for d band bcoz he got d voice and he make
    live d band… Although journey is undying band but if Schon don’t
    discovered Arnel there is no coming back band now…. proud to be pinoy!?

  11. LuvntheJack5ons

    The show must go on! Journey is still alive and well. Arnel should be
    recognized for his love of GREAT music and his ability to channel it. I
    don’t think even he in his own right mind believes he’s replacing Steve
    Perry. LET HIM SING!!?

  12. Dan Mick

    “which he sung”. JFC. “sang” is the word you wanted, you idiot.?

  13. Jacqueline Beasley-Schmidt

    To Gerald Custodio ~ So perhaps Arnel isn’t polished enough to mimic Led
    Zep, Sting, Brian Adams, or whomever, Yet. But then again, his old band of
    homies aren’t Journey either. Arnel, given a bit of time, and the
    opportunity to perform with other classic rock bands, well, I think
    vocally, he could handle the majority, just fine, hands down. Example:
    During one of Peter Cetera’s shows, Cetera had previously arranged for
    Arnel to join him on stage to sing a couple of old Chicago tunes that he
    had been quite familiar with. He wasn’t expected to mimic Cetera, Lamb or
    Champlin…He was just being himself, Arnel. If you happen to locate the
    video, I can assure you, there were no disappointed fans in the crowd.
    And, if you look in on any of his concerts with Journey, please take note,
    Arnel has a seriously, legitimate set of pipes, not to mention a great
    stage presence. So, is it You who is right, or is it the Umpteen other
    Millions of diehard Journey fans who are wrong? I love Perry too and he is
    most awesome, but is no longer with Journey, and may never be again. But
    Dude ~ Get Over It and give credit where credits do. ~ E-Friggin’ Nuff

  14. Jane Weff

    Is this Journey? Of course not.

    Is Arnel a great singer and replacement ?? helll yes

    Seems like a great kid and even he knows he will never be in Steve Perrys

    Steve wrote and sang all the songs that made Journey famous.

    That will never be forgotten?

  15. Lisa Miller

    I actually got to shake hands with Gregg back in 1993 when his band opened
    for Bryan Adams. Very nice guy!?

  16. stormshear1

    a great story with the discovery of Arnel, but I prefer Steve Augeri
    myself.. Steve had a much smoother and emotional voice which fit in more
    with the band’s music.?

  17. Doris Stjernholm

    I think Arnel is FANTASTIC. He has a better voice and sings with more soul
    than Steve Perry. Also, the band seems to be more cohesive with him. I
    can’t wait to see them in concert. Way to go Neil for finding him. He is
    incredible and carries Journey into the next generation. Your new music is
    great as well as the old standards of Journey.?

  18. marriealynn

    I listened to Journey with my dad growing up and love the sound and
    soulfulness of Steve Perry’s voice. You could feel every word he sang.
    Journey is amazing and they are all great musicians. When you have such a
    distinct sound and voice like Perry’s it is hard to forget it when you hear
    someone else sing a song that he poured his heart and soul into. Ive heard
    Arnel sing and I think he has an amazing voice. Would I pay to see a
    Journey concert? For sure! ?

  19. MrBmic

    steve perry is the voice of journey. no matter who they bring in, it is
    with the intentions of duplicating steve’s sound.?

  20. wheels216

    I liked Gregg Rolie a lot, but I loved Perry more. I am no longer a fan of
    Journey, since Perry left, and Neal replaced him with a sound-alike. That
    was the wrong thing to do. They will never have what they had when Perry
    was with them. I doubt seriously if they ever come close to having a top
    10 album again. Yes, they might fill some stadiums, (although that’s
    doubtful, too) but there will NEVER be another Steve Perry. YouTube?! The
    Philippines?! Really?! How long do they think that can last??

  21. Gil Guillen

    yeah its obvious there is a comparison between those two vocalist. and
    judge both of their talent pretty much. both were talented but i like Arnel
    because being connected with the band means a lot for those songs being
    sang to people than going on solo leaving the band journey paralyzed for
    many years..?


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