Famous Places In New York

By | August 26, 2015

New York is the city of America. It has a number of attractive places in it that invites the attention of people all over the world. In this article our main focus is to discuss briefly about these places. In this regard first of all see for Times Square. This is just an area which has become a symbol of New York because of its architectural beauty. In reality there are a number of restaurants, buildings, departmental stores etc. in Times Square. The all the area of this square is illuminated by electric or fluorescent bulbs that add to its beauty and attracts the visitors.
A large number of producers belonging to media or film industry desire to have their headquarters here. Large business companies open there new offices here. Times Square is such a place where one earns as well as can spend large amount of money. People in New York love to celebrate new eve day at this place. From About a million of the people from all over the world gather here. An important event on this day is the dropping of a ball made of Waterford crystals from one of the Times Square building to mark the coming of new year. 4.37mm.There is an Empire state building in New York and this building consists of about one hundred and two storeys. This is the tallest building in the world and is constructed in such an architectural manner that the world has titled it as the wonder of the world. It is about 1.250 ft which confirms its great height. On each storey there are a number of stores. Restaurants etc. A great business of products is going on here. A large army is maintained for its security.
Another interesting place in New York is the Bronx zoo. In zoo there are a number of animals approximately about four thousand with six hundred and fifty species. The animals include lions, zebras, tigers, cheetahs, camels, giraffe and elephant. There are a number of those species of crocodile that have now a days become extinct. These crocodiles can be seen inside the water in the pool. There are also exhibited a large number of sparrows, pigeons, parrot and peacock. All these birds have their own characteristic beauty and no one beauty is parallel to those of any other. The features of these birds exist in several of colors presenting an image of a rainbow. All birds sing in melodious voices and the peacocks there dance on them. In the zoo there are certain animals that are locked in cages and others ARE SET FREE in the open area. The most interesting area of the zoo is the places where there are monkey are present in locked cages. According to scientific research the race of humans resembles with the race of monkeys. Therefore whenever person gets near the cage of the monkey it mimicries the man. This act of mimicking of the person by the monkey is the source of amusement.

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