Green Day Rock Band – Know Your Enemy – Expert Drums 5 Gold Stars

By | April 28, 2015

Green Day Rock Band Out June 8th Song: Know Your Enemy Album: 21st Century Breakdown Expert Drums Nintendo Wii *SDHC can be used for RB2 Green Day DLC Under Fair use Section 107 …

Green Day Rock Band Out June 8th Song: American Idiot Album: American Idiot Expert Drums Nintendo Wii *SDHC can be used for RB2 Green Day DLC Under Fair use Section 107 Trademarks…

50 thoughts on “Green Day Rock Band – Know Your Enemy – Expert Drums 5 Gold Stars

  1. UlfurHeimar

    the 1 dislike doesn’t realize how hard the drumbs are…

  2. meowmasterL346

    @smfisher007 Dude, that’s basically the case for ALL games released on the

  3. Ashley King

    i cant find Know Your Enemy anywhere it is’nt in the playstation store only
    the psp version is in there

  4. Eduardo GR

    Dudee wii graphics are laamee the ps3 and the xbox are better

  5. zuckobee

    if its on expert, why isn’t there any sound of the cymbals?? i mean, the
    button for it?

  6. idolpages

    The dislike bar is like Jusin Bieber’s penis. It gets bigger when faggots
    touch it.

  7. Starbuckfsd

    Uhm…this is NOT expert guitar like you put in the description….

  8. nitroxelerator

    @xXOSUFAN17Xx I’d like to see you do better. Do you people honestly think
    you’re so much better if you have a 360 or a PS3? It doesn’t make you any
    better than who you are. Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to afford those
    kind of things, so if I were you, I wouldn’t bother these people.

  9. punk1125

    @candlewick163 symphony x is fucking amazing that would be sick, but dream
    theater is shit im sorry

  10. nitroxelerator

    @Ac3x0fxSpades You can be the best drummer with bad fills, and he doesn’t
    have any videos of him playing.

  11. Guilherme Cabral

    this is the only wii rock band who actualy have nice graphics.

  12. Kolma

    @Gleeksrule156 yeah, u can tell by the missing tv’s on the sides, and their
    hair doesnt flow like on 360 and ps3

  13. Kolma

    @xXOSUFAN17Xx Failing RB2 drums, hoping to buy new drums when RB3 releases

  14. thebandbrother2010

    is this for the wii? if so, i need to add you so we can play rb2 or beatles
    rb together

  15. Ac3x0fxSpades

    @nitroxelerator he probly thinks hes better cause he can actually pull off
    a decent fill.. or because he’s probably not a shitty drummer. either one.

  16. mistermarill

    @Kolma You should get a Destoyer pedal. If you had enough to get a capture
    device, the pedal is about the same price. I got it way back when my first
    pedal broke to Painkiller -_-. This pedal has been great though 😀

  17. Ac3x0fxSpades

    @gh3player00 nah. i is interlaced and p is progressive scan. p is better.
    look it up.

  18. Jasder

    i have a question: why does my drum set react like schit? i calibrated it
    but it still is schitty. i got like on an easy part that it turns
    red(indication that i messed something up) for no reason??? i hit all the
    things correctly even tried harder or softer, and those salvos mentioned b4
    by mel00lmeals i cant do at all, it just wont react to it???? help!?

  19. recklessfighter117

    @Kolma I play my wii about twice a year and only for rockband i really
    wanted a rockband greenday as soon as the first rockband came out, and i
    dont have enough money to buy a whole other set of indstruments when i can
    play it on wii free


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