In Castle Rock Colorado the Good Guys Wear White Hats

By | February 14, 2014

In Castle Rock Colorado the Good Guys Wear White Hats
Just in time for spring break the new law to "restore the constitutional rights to the people of Castle Rock" will take effect thus allowing anyone in that city to openly carry their weapons in and on all town-owned property. The wild west lives on …
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Castle Rock to allow open-carry of guns in public buildings, parks
The Castle Rock Town Council voted late Tuesday night to allow the open carry of firearms in town-owned buildings and parks. The measure will go in effect in 30 days. Council heard several hours of public comment for the second week in a row concerning …
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Castle Rock Police investigate death of woman found in impounded car
CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Castle Rock Police have a bit of a mystery on their hands. They're investigating the discovery of a woman's body in a car sitting at a towing company lot for weeks. Police got the call from Westside Towing at 1080 Atchison Way …

New Castle Rock park could have zip line, skiing
"It's cool, it's adventurous, it's outdoors, it's everything that screams Castle Rock, Colorado." Seufer said his tours range from $ 29 to $ 79 per person. Those prices could change by the time the zip line offering comes to the park. The field house at …
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