50 thoughts on “Kiss plays Rock Band

  1. forsthe

    thank you. finally someone who understands. but it’s okay if you play an
    instrument, just don’t perfect in rockband.

  2. frazzleberry

    These guys are so bad at the game, they probably have no life.

  3. GarthanSaal444

    I bet Gene could make a lot of money if he came out with a limited edition
    Rock Band Battle Ax Bass!

  4. rockethtown

    Maybe bring in Ace and peter .I bet they could do better then the 2

  5. hardyboyzrko

    The Title is all wrong, correction ” Gene from Kiss plays Rockband with the
    Hired Help”

  6. moo cow

    but the young guys wouldn’t be able to hold Kiss’s jockstrap on stage. :)

  7. JuberLOL

    I can’t believe only one guy was on expert of those kids.

  8. SamOutOfficial

    Real guitar playing and rock band guitar playing has nothing to do each

  9. PoffyTheCucumber

    Not so much fugly – but that HAIR! At least get a hairstyle from somewhere
    between 1974 and 2010, my son! What planet is that hair from? And what does
    it want with Earth?

  10. therealGodofThunder

    @antonioaquila i think he doesnt like the show. He has onle been on it once.

  11. Thomas Serowik

    no offence eric but you suck monkey balls at that game

  12. wannabeserpento99

    @barbie4casinos thats how happened to me. i listened to rap then i bought
    gh, then i started to like metallica and now i listen to death metal and
    stuff like that =) huge difference. i thank gh and i started playing guitar

  13. EricSingerFan32

    Okaii this makes total sense they perform n real life when that game is
    technoligy which ppl Nick’s age knows better than Eric, Tommy, and Gene!
    but this is hilarious xD

  14. BackstageProds

    @hutgm What do you mean no name band? eric has played with them, right
    after Carr died. RIP and tommy was Ace’s guitar tech for the longest time.
    they didnt just pick up some people off the street

  15. zekuhryuh

    The original Rock Band peripherals sucked. They encouraged bad playing
    habits (they still do). It’s different when you go from real-thing to
    plastic-controller hero.

  16. kathryn chambers

    Rush is still the greatest band that has ever existed in the entire history
    of the universe since the beginning of time.?

  17. Proiidiigy

    Neil’s like, “Where The Fuck’s The Rest Of My Kit?”

  18. F-off

    The funny thing is, Rush are not going to receive a good score on their own
    song. :)

  19. nafmosortol

    alex keeps looking at his fingers like “wtf that’s not where you put your

  20. desiGnampthia

    you’d think it’d be more… perfect. and lol@neils tempo in the beginning.

  21. Zoook39

    @AckAttack77 They are, tickets are going on sale in a few days. They’ll be
    playing Moving Pictures and some songs from their new, unreleased album.

  22. Ben Smyth

    Neil could finish the whole game in a day… but he would probably break
    the drum set anyways…

  23. 149CreepingDeath08

    Is it me or did Neil have the same facial expression throughout the whole

  24. WinMINTwins

    This is absolutely hilarious. Geddy seems to be doing fine, Alex is sucking
    beyond belief, and Neil is doing okay until they failed. What if Geddy had
    a guitar and was on bass while having the mic on a stand?

  25. moviemang

    This is hilarious! The most “virtuoso” band EVER fails at their own song
    and sounds terrible doing it! Must be something wrong with the game, it
    can’t be the band. It just can’t.

  26. dragonzstormz

    Geddy looks like the only one actually enjoying himself. Haha

  27. 012345678963258741

    If they would set difficulty to expert on drums Neil would rock – see he’s
    playing the full song, still it’s only on medium or something like that

  28. advancewarsaddict

    To be fair, this is a cover version (in the game). And it wasn’t exactly
    fair to Alex…at least Neil had a mild analogue to his instrument, and
    Geddy just had to sing his part.

  29. crazypenny94

    @UncleJoey12 well only the guitar player sucks at rock band but the drummer
    is doing what it tells him to do and so is the singer

  30. hayzeephantayzee

    what’s this shirt Geddy’s wearing? I somehow connect it to the Melvins but
    am not sure…

  31. Suzanne Dargie

    People who play real instruments don’t need to play that fake stuff. How

  32. kickdadonkey666

    @FinbarFinbarFinbar Are you fucking wrong in the head? Peart is regarded as
    one of the best drummers ever. I’d like to see you play der trommler

  33. BmanRocks1996

    They failed because there used to playing really complex stuff rockband is
    just to simple.

  34. MotleyKeith

    Urgh, god ..the ‘clack clack’ of stock drums is so embarrasing.


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