Lap Band Surgery

By | April 20, 2017

Pregnancy & Lap Band Surgery
Pregnancy in severely obese women lead to many future complications and this is the reason that most of them are advised to shed those extra pounds before conception. It has been found that majority of pregnant women at the time of delivery face complications such as primary caesarian, preoperative morbidity and even risk of induction in labor. Kids born to obese women also face severe complications such as macrosomia, fetal growth abnormalities and intrauterine growth. Women, who want to assure that the pregnancy period is safe and that their kids are also safely born, can take up the option of lap band surgery before they conceive.
Lap Band Placement & Pregnancy
It is a well known fact that infertility due to obesity can be cured by taking up any weight loss approach. Women who are willing to go in for lap band surgery are advised to delay their pregnancy to about one year so that the lap band settles well.
It is advised that during the initial stages of pregnancy lap band surgery treatment has to be acquired.
Complete cooperation from the gynecologist and obstetrician is required to go in for lap band surgery during pregnancy.
Females who are sure to adopt a strict weight management approach can go in for lap band surgery for sure.
These are certain important things that are to be kept by all the women who are facing infertility issues due to obesity.
Recommendations Of Safe Pregnancy After Lap Band Surgery
One needs to treat lap band surgery as any other surgery and keep in mind certain pivotal recommendations.
Avoiding pregnancy for 10-12 months after lap band surgery is advisable.
One has to adopt a disciplined attitude when it comes to making regular visits to the obstetrician and lap band surgeon.
Regular intake of multivitamins is advisable.
One has to get regular blood tests done to know if there is any deficiency.
One needs to take six small meals a day and give at least 30 minutes to each meal for proper digestion.
The diet that one needs to take has to be a high protein and low carbohydrate one.
Drinking lots of water will make the recovery process fast and safe.
If all these recommendations are kept in mind carrying out a safe pregnancy and enjoying a safe motherhood is not at all tough after lap band surgery.
Having lap band surgery during the post pregnancy period is also a safe option as it can help one get back that ideal body shape without facing much complications. All those females who have been facing infertility issues due to excessive body weight can go in for lap band surgery without major hesitation.

Lap band surgery is the safest weight loss method out there and this is what has contributed to its amplified growth.

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