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By | September 5, 2015

Where to start with the prolific output of MF Doom
(During one of his few vocal appearances on Take Me To Your Leader, which he released under the name King Geedorah, he raps of being a “sort of mellow type fellow / Who sometimes spazz on wife like Othello,” though his delivery is so speedy that it can …
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How To Make It In America
And Cam and Ben are lifers who suddenly feel more like outsiders looking in as their city becomes some other monster (Rasta Monsta, perhaps?). Their point of view … Rene and his cronies debating the best Luther Vandross songs killed me. Dancer …
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How To Make It In America: “What's In A Name?”
Fortunately, the tradeoff was a very silly and satisfying payoff to the whole Rene-Everton-Cam-Domingo Rasta Monsta nonsense. Or at least outside of Pusha T's cringe-y … Rachel: “I feel like this town is eating me alive.” We've all been there, honey …
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