Left Right Left Right Left – A Superior Live Album

By | June 3, 2016

Introduction to Getting the CD

The ground was maybe a little bit moist on the grassy knoll where we were sitting. I don’t think you could have gotten any further away in Home Depot Stadium located in Carson. We were slightly sliding down the hill and wondering if we would be able to survive the entire concert in staying in one place. The people packed in and I was starting to feel a little miffed at the terrible seats. Then, after some interesting and eclectic opening bands, Coldplay took the stage. There were lights, confetti, and huge screens. Anything a stadium goers could ask for. Then, in a surprisingly dramatic moment the band took to the aisles They walked back to our sad, almost pitiful, section and played three songs acoustically in front of us.

It was as amazing as it was memorable. In leaving, I was given one memento to secure the impression of the night. A special addition copy of Left Right Left Right Left.

The following is a review of this wonderful gift that Coldplay generously gave to their fans on that crisp night in Carson.

The Over All CD

The disk over all has a nice sampling of old and new material. The list of tracks from previous albums is the majority of the CD. While still including some from the current album like Viva La Vida. The songs are champions of arrangement and there is a very nice flow to the over all album. Personally, I love the piano overtones, but I am passionate about pianos. Over all it is good listening with emotive overtones.

Individual Track Notes:

Glass of Water – Chris Martin’s melodies are strong on this track. They are very upbeat and cheerful. .

42 -This track for some reason reminds me of Elton John. There is a lot of tonal variety in the vocal line of this track that is not common in a lot of new rock. There is a slow tempo and a lot of chord striking that makes it feel pop. Personally, I love the wisdom shown in this song. “Those who are dead are not dead they are just living in my head.”

Clocks – This classic track inspires clapping and cheering. There are some nice added accents not on the original release on the piano. Chris Martin does a fair amount of improvising for this one. It keeps the song fresh. I love listening to how pumped the crowd is.

Strawberry Swing – Asian strings pound out the basic notes and then there is a strong beat that emphasizes the beauty of the anticipation in the lyrics. The images are amazing, dreamy and lovely. “It is such a perfect day.”

Hardest Part – Intonation of the voice in this version is being soft and longing. I thoroughly enjoyed the sensitivity of the song. I will listen to this one for some time to come.

Viva La Vida – The crowd is pumped and there is a light timbre of Renaissance instruments. Chris Martin leads the crowd in chorus and there is an ironic feel of triumph.

Death will Conquer -. Light twain like timbre of Will Champion’s voice and guitar strokes match the genre perfectly.

Fix You – This starts with a beautiful and poignant falsetto. The crowd sings the chorus in unison of one emotional wave of spiritual comforting. There is good tone, and participation from the crowd. The building of tension in this track is a very nice accent.

Death and All His Friends – The track provides a quiet moment of reflection allowing you to come down from the moment. Then there is build with a good arrangement of guitars and drums. Where the band strikes a lovely harmony and uses a the characteristic Coldplay guitar tone.


I feel lucky and grateful to have a copy of this CD. I would recommend it as one of the best live CD’s I’ve heard this year. As far as the concert goes, let’s just say that my companion, who had never heard of Coldplay, is now a believer. They are an amazing band with an amazing track record. There is nothing more I could ask for from a rock band. I would highly recommend downloading a copy.

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