Lego Rockband – New Short Trailer!! (DS PS3 Wii X360)

By | April 8, 2014 – Meet other Rockband Fans! Play free games! Free Webcam Chat!! Filled with chart-topping songs and classic favourites suitable for …
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10 thoughts on “Lego Rockband – New Short Trailer!! (DS PS3 Wii X360)

  1. DUCKTAPE702

    Does the game come with all the instruments like in the regular Rock Band?

  2. Nuva911

    XD i dunno why buy the guys that look like Queen look like they’d be the
    main bad guys in this game. Sort of like “You Can’t Beat Us…give up
    already”. But lol are their any villains in this game besides the jealous
    octupus and ghosts?

  3. videovac

    I wish that lego would do a lego man equivalant of marc bolan and T-rex! I
    love T-rex, Glad that out of all there songs, lego chose ride a white swan!

  4. junejoynertn

    This is an exceptional game, I managed to get it online for free at:
    findgames4free [dot] com


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