Need to Make a Punk Clown Costume?

By | June 9, 2016

You are not alone. The punk movement hit the world in new ways and with tremendous force. It is possible that “punk” is an intrinsic quality of all human beings, working in ways similar to the emotions of aggression and sympathy. However, it is without question that everyone who lived through the years of 1975 to 1990 was somehow influenced and affected by punk music and the lifestyle.

Rejecting the main stream with an attitude of anger, rebellion, and spite- punkers often gave off an intimidating persona. But this Halloween there is no reason to fear. You too can see what its like to surge your emotions through a stream of slash rock while still spend your night cracking jokes and laughing. The solution, dressing up as a punk clown.

How to compile the outfit:

While it is difficult to find a true punker in any other color besides black and silver or metal spikes, being a clown entitles you to artistic freedom to add some colors. Try staying with dark tones and avoid anything too cheerful such as yellower or pink. If you cant resist some bright neon green or orange you may add it to your costume, but always practice moderation and proceed with caution. Red is also another safe bet if you have a need for color. By choosing clothing that in some ways resembles death or blood you cant really go wrong.

For both men and women leather material, sheer fabric, and silver adornments are in the direction you want to be headed. For women who want to wear short skirts, you can even consider finding something in a plad pattern. If you do make this decision, don’t forget to also put on a pair of fish net stocking. Knee high boots can also be worn by both men and women alike.

Making the clown twist: Like the other subculture clowns, a few simple adaptations will make you stand out from the crowd. Facial makeup will be a big give away. Start with a thick layer of white powder to coat your face. Then generously apply bright red lipstick and dark eye shadow around the eyes. As always, follow your heart and have fun while decorating your face and eyelids with all sort of black embellishments.

Your costume will resemble a gothic clown if you choose to leave it as is. However, by wearing a mohauk you can finally know what it feels like to be punk.

Your going to need a Mohawk Wig to Complete Your Clown Costume – any store that has a Blonde Wig will also have a wig for your clown costume. If you strike out there, do a Google search for an Elvis Wig. You will surely find you clown hair!

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