New Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Albums Playlist – January 2014

By | March 31, 2014

Here are four songs (previously five before Neck Deep were removed by Hopeless Records) from albums releasing in January 2014. The bands/songs plus time link…

Band: RED Song: Hold Me Now Genres: Alternative Metal, Christian Rock Album: Release the Panic (Deluxe) – 2013 Label: Essential Tracklist: 1. Release the Pan…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “New Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Albums Playlist – January 2014

  1. alexrainbirdMusic

    I’m not sure why the final song is quieter than the rest, apologies!?

  2. alexrainbirdMusic

    February’s playlist! New Rock/Pop-Punk/Alternative Albums Playlist –
    February 2014?

  3. Dennis Gallagher

    Turns out I Can See Mountains aren’t breaking up, man. Just losing a
    member. ?

  4. Paul Hetherington

    Ah the codes are going back in small instances?Iterating!

  5. Paul Hetherington

    Why do so called Christian bands,base their music by Gentile standards?That
    isn’t Christ at all.

  6. yankirillovyk

    Great song lots of great meanings in it Thankyou red god bless u


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