Nu Heavy Metal

By | April 5, 2014

This sub category of heavy metal is known as Nu Metal. Nu Metal will blend style and elements from Grunge, Punk and Hip Hop into their music. Most heavy metal cd reviews would show an aggressive vocals, melodic singing and other forms of hardcore punk were commonly used in Nu Metal music.

Spin magazine featured this style of metal music as “new metal.” The “new metal” term was changed to “nu metal” after time pressed on and it was featured in the movie”Get Thrashed.” This metal genre was introduced by Korn in 1990 and has grown through the 90’s into the year 2000.

Nu Metal’s popularity began to rise in 1998 when Korn’s third album “Follow the Leader” sold for 9 million copies worldwide. After the doors were opened for the nu metal community, nu metal bands came out to the public.

The community grew and so did the nu metal bands. Bands like Coal Chamber, Limp Bizkit and Staind sold albums and became popular after the release of Korn’s “Follow the Leader.” Most of these bands come out of LA, California, like Spineshank, Coal Chamber and Static-X. Bands like Godsmack, Soufly, Distrubed, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust and Slipknot starting making an impact on the nu metal community. All of these bands have had the opportunity to play in huge metal tours like Family Values Tour, Lollapalooza, Ozzfest. The biggest being the 30th anniversary of Woodstock that featured mostly nu metal bands.

As the nu metal genre grew so did the number of bands. Nu metal bands started releasing albums that earned the status of platinum, like Linkin Park, Papa roach, P.O.D and System of a Down. In 2001 nu metal reached its highest peak when it was considered the most popular metal music to listen to in America. At this time records labels were signing mostly new nu metal bands. With the genre being overloaded with new bands, this resulted in bad quality of music.

In the beginning of the year 2000, nu metal’s popularity started to decline and bands that started the revolution started to see a drop in sales to their new released albums. With nu metal slowing down, the metal community moved on to the next generation of metal music which is a pop / emo punk. Some nu metal bands have changed their style to try to target some of this market. But most have stayed playing the nu metal.

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