Pixie Lott Impresses British Audience By Wearing A Splendid Black Tutu

By | September 28, 2016

It is common knowledge that fashion plays an important part in the lives of some people. Lots of contemporary people try to keep up with the latest fashion trends by learning more about the outfits of modern celebrities. It is necessary to mention that such peculiar items as unitards, leotards and tutus are worn by a great number of celebrities nowadays.

Such famous divas as Kylie Minogue, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Shakira, Beyonce Knowles and others often perform in stylish yet comfortable tutus, leotards and unitards. Additionally, these outfits may be worn to breathe life into conventional partywear.

What concerns British stars, it is vital to point out that Pixie Lott, a young British singer, dancer, songwriter and actress wears a lovely black tutu in her new music video Gravity. It may be interesting to find out a few facts about the famous English singer wearing out-of-this-world outfits.

First of all, it may be interesting to know that Pixie Lott wearing her gorgeous black tutu showed up before British audiences not long ago. In 2009 she hit the UK Singles Chart with her famous debut song Mama Do which became one of the most popular UK hits of 2009.

The same year her other singles including Boys And Girls, Cry Me Out, etc. were released by Mercury Records. It is also important to mention that Pixie Lott’s debut album Turn It Up released in September 2009 was one of the hits in the UK top ten for about five weeks. It may be interesting to find out that her seven singles have become UK top twenty hits so far. They include such songs as Gravity performed by Pixie in a black tutu as well as Turn It Up, I Got Soul, Broken Arrow, etc.

Secondly, it is necessary to find out a few facts about the early life and first steps as a singer of Pixie Lott. It is essential to note that Pixie was born in 1991 in London. She sang in a local church school as a young girl. Later, she attended the Italia Conti Associates Saturday school in the south east London.

Pixie got a scholarship and continued studying at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts at the age of 11. It is also essential to mention that Pixie Lott sang in the chorus of Ca Ira, the opera by Roger Waters, when 14. She signed her contract with Mercury Records when she was 15. In addition to her successful first steps as a singer, Pixie Lott, recognised for her enchanting black tutu, was a good student as she got all ‘A’ grades in her GCSEs.

Furthermore, it is vital to mention that Pixie Lott is also known as a young yet successful actress. She played her debut role in Fred: The Movie in 2010. Despite being young, Pixie Lott is considered a talented live performer and a stylish pop star. In this connection it is necessary to emphasise that Pixie was one of the judges during the auditions for The X Factor in 2010 in Cardiff.

In conclusion it is essential to note that Pixie Lott wearing her beautiful black tutu is considered incredibly talented by numerous fans, colleagues and critics. She is not only a gifted singer, songwriter, dancer and actress but also one of the youngest contemporary trendsetters. Pixie Lott, being in the beginning of her career, has already won multiple awards including Breakthrough Talent Award, Best Newcomer and others.

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