Purchasing a Backup Canon Powershot S70 Battery Will Pay For Itself

By | May 28, 2016

If you own a piece of electronic equipment that relies on a battery charge, you know how frustrating it can get when you are out and about and you run out of power. You put the phone, camera or laptop on the charger before you left, but instead of getting three hours out of it, you are lucky to get an hour. Well if you purchase a second Canon Powershot S70 Battery, you can avoid this with your camera.

The reality of it is that the backup battery will pay for itself pretty quickly if you use them correctly. Most people feel as though they are lucky to get a year of a battery. When that year is up, the battery wears down after about 45 minutes and it is pretty much useless. Now if you have a backup Canon Powershot S70 Battery, you can always have one fully charged and use the batteries the way that they are meant to be used.

It is pretty common practice to use your item and then throw it right on the charger as soon as you get home. What this does is kill any remaining life that you had in the battery. Every time that you charge the battery before it is dead, you are teaching the battery that the life is actually shorter. It may seem a little confusing, but charging early deletes the charge time that your battery will hold.

When you have a backup, you are now able to use the first battery until it is totally dead and then throw in the second battery. This will ensure that you are using the full charge of the battery and it will never lose its life. Now instead of buying 3 batteries over a 3 year period, you will only be buying one.

Actually, you may be buying even less than that. The standard life on a battery is about three years. If you are rotating two batteries properly, you may actually be able to extend the life of both of them and get 4 or maybe even 5 years out of them. With the cost of replacement batteries, that is a pretty significant savings.

Don’t get caught with a camera that has run out of charge and don’t fall into the trap of shortening your battery life. Get a Canon Powershot S70 battery as a backup and you will never have a power problem again.

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